Immersive Learning

The Paari School of Business (PSB) strongly believes that all learning should be practical, applied and wherever possible, immersive and experiential. Thus, most courses have cases, projects, simulations and assignments.

In addition, many of our courses are by nature immersive and experiential. For instance, the Samaj Seva course requires students to go to the field and help villagers in various facets of their daily lives; in the process students learn tremendously while villagers benefit. We then have industrial visits where students in the past have visited the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM). PSB has courses like Design Thinking that require students to come up with unique and creative solutions to existing problems; exhibitions and projects form an almost everyday part of this course. We have tied up with Harvard and CAPSIM for simulations. Harvard simulations are embedded in select courses. CAPSIM is one entire course based on simulations. In select Finance courses, students are asked to trade in stocks and securities. Students conduct events like our B school fest "Ameya" and various others too; all these are credited activities. During these events, students also are encouraged to put up their own stalls and run their own businesses (on the days of the event) so they learn by doing. The immersive nature of our curriculum is unique and enhances student learning considerably.

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