Research Areas

Advanced Materials and Device Physics

  • Electron Transport across Multi-dimensional Molecular Junctions
  • Pb-free piezoceramics based flexible hybrid nanogenerator and sensing devices
  • Fabrication of 2D Materials for Energy and Electronic Applications
  • Development of solid electrolytes for all-solid-state Na and F-ion batteries
  • Electron Transport across Multi-dimensional Molecular Junctions
  • CO2 reduction into useful fuels via photocatalytic process
  • Interfacial Interaction at solid/liquid phase boundary to develop smart surfaces

Laser Physics and Photonics

  • Optical Communication using Structured Light Beams
  • Computational Imaging
  • Optical Information Processing
  • Magnetically Field Tunable Optical Properties of multiferroic materials
  • Polarization and Partially Coherent Optics

High Energy Physics

  • Theoretical particle physics, beyond the Standard Model
  • Collider phenomenology, Machine learning
  • Dark Matter physics, early Universe Cosmology
  • Effective (field) theories for a connection between particle, nuclear and atomic physics
  • Semiclassical gravity, black hole physics
  • Unruh effect, relativistic quantum information

Computational Materials and Soft Matter Physics

  • Theory of Catalysis: Quantum mechanics and Machine Learning
  • Statistical physics of fracture of disordered materials; Complex systems: socio & econophysics
  • Soft matter and biophysics, rare event sampling
  • Topological quantum materials, transport/ optical properties of 2D materials