• Total Amount Sanctioned for Research Projects: 624.94 Lakhs

Ongoing Projects

Name of the Investigator Project Number Funding Agency Title of the Project Amount sanctioned (Lakhs)
Dr Ravi Kumar SUR/2022/000910 DST-SERB SURE Spatially varying polarization profiles for secure optical information processing 28.92
Dr Pankaj Bhalla SUR/2022/000289 DST-SERB SURE Role of disorder on the nonlinear transport/optical properties of topological quantum materials using Quantum Kinetic Approach 24.2
Dr Debabrata Pramanik SUR/2022/004576 DST-SERB SURE Deciphering protein - DNA interaction using molecular modeling approach 23.43
Dr Mallikarjuna Rao Motapothula CRS/2022-23/1195 UGC - DAE CSR Investigation of ion induced defect density and alloying dopants for catalyst development for CO2 reduction 1.95
Dr Jatis Kumar Dash CRS/2022-23/1092 UGC – DAE CSR Engineering and surface functionalization of Janus two-dimensional (2D) materials for efficient sensors and flexible energy devices 1.95
Dr Siddhartha Ghosh SERB/SRG/2021/001465 SERB, DST, Govt. of India Transparent, conducting, self-cleaning rGO (reduced Graphene Oxide) surface: large area and single step growth using Pulsed Laser Deposition 25.99
Dr Pranab Mandal CRS/2021-22/03/562 UGC – DAE CSR Neutron diffraction studies on novel magnetoelectric oxides at the morphotropic phase boundary 1.35
Dr Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay (Co-PI) DST/INT/ISR/P-28/2020(G) DST-Israel bilateral A Halide Perovskite Based Photoanode For Oxygen Evolution Reaction Using A Molecular Diode in a Hybrid Nanometer Scale Protection Layer
Prof. Ranjit Thapa (PI) Dr Soumyajyoti Biswas (co-PI) DST/NSM/R&D_HPC_Applications/ Extension Grant/2023/26 National Supercomputing Mission Catalysts for CO2 Reduction to C2 Product: Descriptor to Database (24 months) 22.96
Dr Amit Chakraborty DST/INSPIRE/04/2018/002972 DST Imprints of Physics Beyond the Standard Model at the LHC and Future Colliders (60 months) 35
Prof. Ranjit Thapa CRG/2021/000620 DST-SERB Design Principle of Single Atom Catalyst for Nitrogen Fixation over HER: Energy Parameter, Electronic Descriptor and Database 30.9
Prof. Ranjit Thapa CRG/2022/005423 DST-SERB General descriptor of catalysts to find the activity towards OER using Quantum Mechanics/Machine Learning approach 20.46

Completed Projects

Name of the Investigator Project Number Funding Agency Title of the Project Amount sanctioned (Lakhs)
Prof. Ranjit Thapa SERB/EMR/2016/004689 SERB, DST Mechanistic of CO Oxidation on Metal Free Catalyst and Property Package (42 months) 35.45
Prof. Ranjit Thapa 37(2)/20/14/2018-BRNS/37144 DAE-BRNS (YSRA) First principles identification of descriptor for carbon based catalyst (36 months) 28.15
Dr Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay SERB/ECR/2017/001937 SERB, DST Probing Charge Transport in Molecular Junctions with Impedance Spectroscopy and Transition Voltage Spectroscopy Approach (48 months) 48.3
Dr Pranab Mandal ECR/2018/001252 SERB, DST Evaluation of intrinsic piezoelectric coefficients and strain engineering near the morphotropic phase boundary in Pb-free oxides (36 months) 48.79
Dr Jatis Kumar Dash UGC-DAE-CSR-KC/CRS/19/IBMS04/1005/1036 UGC-DAE Ion Beam Modification of Two Dimensional(2D) Layered Materials Heterostructures: Defect Engineering and Device Performances (36 months) 25
Dr Laxmi Narayana Patro SRG/2019/000767 SERB, DST Development of Fast Fluoride Ion Conducting Solid Electrolytes for Rechargeable Solid State Fluoride Ion Batteries (24 months) 31.6
Dr Gangi Reddy Salla SERB/SRG/2019/000857 SERB, DST Vector Vortex Beams and their Scattering for Communication Applications (24 months) 26.17
Dr Mallikarjuna Rao Motapothula DST/INSPIRE/04/2017/001392 DST Discovery of an efficient catalyst surfaces for recycling CO2. 35