Research Facilities

Powder X-Ray Diffractometer

High Temperature Furnaces

Impedance and Pyroelectric Current Measurement

Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric Analyzer

PANalytical EMPYREAN (Central Facility) Powder measurements in reflection/transmission mode, GIXRD, Cu - Kα radiation

Description: Powder in reflection/transmission mode, GIXRD thin film, Solid samples.


Ants Innovation Pvt Ltd, India. Carbolite Gero, UK.

Description: Solid state synthesis, Annealing under different gas atmosphere


ECR1252/EQ1; Keysight E4980A and Tektronix 2636B

Description: Impedance, dielectric constant, pyroelectric current up to 800 °C under O2, N2, Air


Radiant Precision LC II, Bulk Piezoelectric Measurement System

Description: Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric measurements ceramics up to 230 °C, 10 kV, 0.5 Hz – 5 kHz


Low Temperature Probe Station

Impedance Analyzer

Impedance Analyzer & LCR Meter

Sensitive Source-Measure Unit (SMU)

Janis Research Company ST-LN-500

Description: Four probe electrical measurements, DC to 67 GHz, 77K to 475 K



Solartron 1260A 32 MHz

Description: Impedance and dielectric properties at ambient and non-ambient temperatures


Wayne Kerr Electronics, UK 6510B & Keysight, E4980A.

Description: Impedance and dielectric properties at ambient and non-ambient temperatures


Keithley 2636B, Keithley 6430

Description: I-V measurements, Transistor Characteristics, Low current measurements.


Photochemical Reactor

Sputtering cum Thermal Evaporator Unit

High-Performance Computing Cluster

Lelicil Pvt Ltd

Description: Photochemical reactions such as catalysis, degradation.


Excel instruments, Pune

Description: Growth of metallic and semiconducting thin films


Tyrone/Camarero DS300TW-14R; Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6248R; Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v4 (Part of Centre for Computational and Integrative Sciences)

Description: Multi-scale modeling with hundreds of atoms at the quantum level to hundreds of thousands of atoms at all-atom level; Simulation of nanomaterials, biophysical systems etc.

Spin Coating Unit & UV Ozone Cleaner

Deposition Furnace (LPCVD)

LCR Meter & HT set up


Description: Thin film Deposition through spin coat; Remove bio contaminants from substrates.


Marine India, RT-500C & HIOKI, Japan, IM3536.

Description: High temperature impedance measurement, RT-500 °C


Three Zone furnace Carbolite Gero EZS- 3G 12/600

Description: Thin film deposition using different precursors; up to 1100°C