The business world is ever-changing, and the modern manager needs to be quick-thinking, adaptable and should possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. (S)He also needs to speak well, get along well with colleagues, be empathetic and care for society and the environment. At the Paari School of Business, we train our students to be all this and more.

Our curriculum design is cutting-edge; our periodic revamp of the curriculum ensures it is. The philosophy behind the school is in sync with the vision of the University as a whole. It is based on quality, customer-centricity, innovation, and values.

Moreover, SRM University-AP is a world-class university. Our faculty have PhDs from leading schools in India and abroad. This ensures quality. Students of the Paari School of Business get to rub shoulders with their counterparts in other departments and schools of the University; this is a unique advantage that not many other schools in India can boast of. This further enhances the quality of education that the school provides.

Put the customer first, say modern management Gurus and, more importantly, the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Whether it is the student, the recruiter, or a client, we put their interests above ours. Students get an excellent learning experience in sync with current and long-term needs.

Since the business world is dynamic, B-schools need to be innovative in their approach. We ensure our curriculum is innovative by having some unique courses. Additionally, our faculty are highly imaginative and creative in delivering lectures. This makes the student journey exciting as well.

Education should be “man-making,” said Swami Vivekananda. Education should not just impart knowledge but do so to build character and instil values and ethics. We firmly believe in this. The conduct of the University, the faculty and our constant stress on values and ethics ensure that students become excellent citizens, conscious that money must be earned in a just, moral, and ethical way, and society and the environment are better off because of their actions.

Finally, consistent with the mission of the University, the Paari School of Business believes in not knowledge dissemination but knowledge creation as well. The focus on research ensures that our faculty continuously build new knowledge. Additionally, this new knowledge is imparted to students to be up to date with the latest in the business world.

I welcome all relevant stakeholders – students, recruiters, potential faculty, and corporates- to explore our site, reach out to us, and be part of an exciting journey! Jai Hind!

Prof Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran
Dean – Paari School of Business