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  • Scholarly Exploration into Nuanced Portrayal of Human Experiences January 3, 2024

    Dive into the realms of contemporary literature as our esteemed faculty members, Dr Partha Bhattacharjee and Dr Bidisha Pal from the Department of Literature and Languages presented their latest research endeavor. Their collaborative paper, titled “Transcending the Trouble, Trauma, and Pain of Failed Marriage and Closeted Sexuality in Indian Web Series Made in Heaven,” has found its home in the prestigious journal “Quarterly Review of Film and Video” (Scopus Q2).This scholarly exploration take into the portrayal of human experiences in the context of failed relationships and concealed identities within the framework of Indian web series. Join us in celebrating their insightful contributions to the literary discourse, reflecting SRM AP’s commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering academic excellence.


    Premiered as a television web series on Amazon Prime Video on 8th March 2019, Made in Heaven (2019) simultaneously unmasks the hypocrisies and lies of the big fat Indian weddings and breaks the taboo of homosexuality. In consecutive nine episodes, the plots and the subplots are beaded together to initiate a sensory sensitization towards the hypocrisy of marriages and insensitive homophobia. Carefully analyzing postulates from theorists this short article attempts to decode the trouble, trauma, and pain encoded in messy lifestyles, marriages, and relationships characterizing and wielding the lives as well as the sexuality of the characters in the web series

    Explanation in Layperson’s Terms

    The research revolves around the concept of marriage in Indian society as well as homosexuality in the Indian Hindi web series Made in Heaven (2019). The research shows how the various episodes of the web series showcase different aspects of marriage and the actual reality behind the pomp and pleasure of high-profile weddings within society. On the other hand sexuality and sexual desire are often hidden and do not get proper channelization in a person’s life. The desire thus remains suppressed and results in crisis in many forms. There are other intertwined concerns such as the dowry system, social disparity, impotency, virginity, and sexual molestations which weave a meta-narrative on the popular medium and raise consciousness regarding how people should react to those hazards and behave accordingly.

    Practical Implementation and Social Implications of the Research

    The research involves practical aspects such as the dowry system, social disparity, impotency, virginity, and sexual molestations which are part of our social lives. Many people have to face such things in their day-to-day lives. This research brings out such realities of society while analyzing the mental condition and psychology behind these. Moreover, this research also shows marriage is an important decision in a person’s life, it should be made in terms of love and respect, not based upon money and social status. The research visits practical examples and revisits the laws to substantiate the arguments. Popular media such as web series is not just a form of entertainment, but it can be a medium for building awareness.

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  • Intellectual realm of Vaishnava Philosophy and Poetic Aesthetics December 9, 2023

    Intellectual realm of Vaishnava Philosophy and Poetic AestheticsDr Sayantan Thakur, Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature & Languages have published his research paper, ‘Vaishnava Philosophy and the Poetic Aesthetics: An Analysis of Jayadeva’s Gita Govindam‘ in Tattva: Journal of Philosophy, an esteemed EBSCO-indexed and UGC-CARE Listed Journal. Dr Thakur’s work embodies the spirit of academic rigor and philosophical inquiry. Join us in traversing the landscapes of wisdom, where intellect meets aesthetics, and knowledge transcends boundaries. Explore the rich tapestry of ideas that define SRM University-AP‘s commitment to intellectual excellence.


    Literature finds the best expression when literary aesthetics and philosophy run side by side. The former offers the external charm, while the latter inculcates the more profound implication with the aim of providing it with a superior stature and permanence. Jayadeva’s Gitagovindam, being a colossal work in the field of Vaishnava literature, does contain the brilliant juxtaposition of both. This article attempts to show how Jayadeva’s Gitagovindam, a colossal work in the field of Vaishnava literature, does contain the brilliant juxtaposition of both. On the one hand, like a typical lyrical poem, its melodic nature does have a soothing effect and on the other, the use of philosophy instils in it a greater depth and seriousness to uplift itself as a book of devotion and religious inspiration. Moreover, the importance of this Holy Scripture lies in the fact that it not only played a significant role in paving the way to form a new sect in the Vaishnava religion, known as ‘Gaudiya Vaishnavism’, but also showed the later Vaishnava lyricists the art of portraying in words the amorous love of Lord Krishna and Radha with compassion and tears.

    Practical implementation and social implications of the research

    Cultural Preservation: Understanding and analysing ancient texts like the Gitagovindam helps in preserving cultural and religious heritage. This research can contribute to the preservation and understanding of Vaishnava philosophy and its cultural significance.
    Literary Understanding: Analysis of the text can provide insights into the interplay between philosophy and aesthetics in literature. It can be used as a tool for students, scholars, and enthusiasts to comprehend how profound thoughts are conveyed through art and literature.
    Religious Studies: It will be valuable for religious scholars and practitioners, shedding light on the philosophical underpinnings of Vaishnavism. It can deepen the understanding of the religious sentiments associated with the worship of Lord Krishna.
    Artistic Inspiration: By examining the poetic aesthetics the research might inspire contemporary artists, poets, and musicians in exploring similar thematic elements in their creations. It could lead to the creation of new artistic works that incorporate similar philosophical depth.
    Community Understanding: Studies like mine can also bridge gaps in understanding between different communities by shedding light on the beliefs and values encapsulated in ancient texts. This understanding might foster better cultural appreciation and harmony.
    Interdisciplinary Insights: The analysis might encourage interdisciplinary studies by merging literary analysis with philosophy, offering new avenues for exploration and collaboration between these fields.


    Dr. Uday Kumar Mishra, Professor, Department of English, TMBU

    Future Research Plans

    • Regional Literature in Translation
    • Tantric Tradition and Eastern Indian Literature,
    • Folk Music of Bengal,
    • Indian Philosophy, Aesthetics & Literature

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