Carer and Scope of English Programme

The aim of our department is to prepare and present such individuals to express their ideas freely with political correctness, humanistic values and ideologies within the practical application of such moments on a public platform.

Broadly speaking, the Department of English at SRM AP grooms you into becoming creative professionals in the media and entertainment industry as well as in the education industry. Some of the opportunities awaiting you after graduation are:

  • Academics: Teaching
  • Advertising
  • Cinema
  • Civil Services
  • Cognition and Communication
  • Content Writing & Content Editing
  • Creative arts
  • Digital media/ Digital Humanities
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Journalism (newspapers & magazines)
  • Post-graduation & Research - English Language Teaching, Management Jobs, Civil Services, Higher Education.
  • Professionals English as Second Language & English as Foreign Language
  • Translation and related technologies

The opportunities we provide help students prepare for higher studies during their time at SRM AP! There is only one way to find your true potential, join us, to be a part of the global endeavour we designed for each of you.