Scope & Opportunities

English as a Language is known to be appreciated and revered across the world for global Communication, Scientific Enquiry, and Trade & Commerce. The programs, in such a Language, offered here at SRM University- Andhra Pradesh are designed to cater to the demanding needs of an upcoming generation of Research Scholars in India.

While addressing the needs of the participants to contribute and excel with the knowledge from the desired field of expertise, every individual participant is trained and prepared for Higher Education both at National & International standards. This is only possible by performing as a graduate or an advanced Scholar by using the Global Language, English.

Use of such Language defines familiarity and application of the skills when such Language is presented to you. Skills such as Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) are set to define your participation as a student, as a scholar and most importantly as an expert in your area of interest.

Our Subject experts in various fields within Languages have tailor made various courses to provide participation and practice to participants from various disciplines to experience and perform in order to prepare you for the future that you design and are preparing to be a part of.

Our Courses lead an individual to attain the ability to persuade in various contexts be it academics, professional or in a social in a given situation, to be both communicative with the ability to critically think and persuade. These Courses will help a participant to pursue furthermore in Research areas while remaining flexible towards all areas of expertise.


An individual with such experience at young age exposed to such skills here at SRM- AP will be able to excel in all manners of life, be it academic, professional or social. The aim of our department is to prepare and present such individuals to express their ideas freely with political correctness, humanistic values and ideologies within the practical application of such moments on a public platform.

Our Goal, therefore, is to prepare the participants to present and build a platform with futuristic ideas to the WORLD they are about to cater to.

The opportunities we address here help students prepare for an exchange program, during BTech programs at SRM-AP, with international Universities such as University of California, Berkley, and many more. There is only one way to find your true potential, join us, to be a part of the Global endeavor we designed for each of you.