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Bending the Gender: A Portrayal of the Third Gender in Popular Bengali Cinema - National Seminar on Popular Culture, Literature and Other Art Forms: Today and Beyond; Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh; Jan 2019 (Published in, RIGEO, Scopus,
ISSN: 2146-0353)

Shakespearana - The Shakespeare Gharana: The Influence of the Bard on the Indian Stage and Screen with special reference to The Merchant of Venice and Othello- 3rd International conference of Armenian Shakespeare Association on Shakespeare and Venice: Between the Crossroads of East and West; Venice, Italy; June 2019 (Bazmavep, ISSN: 1722-4969, Anno CLXXVII, No 3-4, 2019, SAN LAZZARO, VENEZIA)


Rani, P., Yadav, A., Kumar, D., Pandey, J., Gull, M., Anshari, M. A., Ghosh, S., Saini, B. (2022). A Bibliometric Analysis of Literature on Covid-19 and Mental Health. Natl J Community Med, 13, 9, 642-650. Available at (Scopus Indexed) Cite Factor IF: 2.12.

Prashanth, R., Roy, S. D, Mandal, P. K., Ghosh, S. (2017). High Accuracy Classification of Parkinson's Disease through Shape Analysis and Surface Fitting in 123I-Isoflupane SPECT Imaging. IEEE J Biomed Health Inform, 21, 3, 794-802. Doi: Journal Impact Factor: 7.021.


Wadhwa, Soni2023. The Question of Script for Sindhi in India: Reflections on Postcolonial Grammatology. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. Online First.

Book Chapters

Wadhwa. S. 2014. Epistemology, Disciplinary Praxis, Poetics: A Tour via General Semantics. In Deepa Mishra (ed) General Semantics: A Critical Companion. Delhi: Pencraft International: 172-181. ISBN. 978-93-82178-08-8.


Project Number: IITI/JPNC/PR5/2023/12/P007

Funding Agency: Jaya Prakash Narayan National Centre of Excellence in the Humanities, IIT Indore

Title of the Project: Sindhi Sanchaya: Building a Comprehensive and Interactive Database of a Partitioned Literature

Amount Sanctioned (in lakhs): 5.00



Mujral, Rajni. “Body on the Boundary: Figuring the Excessive Body in Devdutt Pattanaik’s The Pregnant King”. IUP Journal of English Studies. (Accepted, July 2022). (Print) ISSN: 0973-3728

Mujral, Rajni (2020). “Use of Stories that Aren’t Even True: Reading Salman Rushdie’s Luka and the Fire of life”. Textual Practice. Vol. 35. 5 (2021), 855-872. DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2020.1734071 (Print) ISSN: 0950-236x (Online) ISSN: 1470-1308


Bhattacharjee, Partha, and Priyanka Tripathi. “Spit bubbles, speech bubbles, and COVID-19: Creating comics in the age of post-infection India.” Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine (Taylor & Francis), vol. 45, no. 3, 2022, pp. 205 – 220,, PMID: 35188036, ISSN / eISSN: 1745-3054 / 1745-3062, ESCI, IF – 0.65.

Bhattacharjee, Partha, and Priyanka Tripathi. “Penning the Pain of Partition: Refugee Camp Narratives in Indian Comics.” Studies in Comics, vol. 12, no. 2, 2022, pp. 179 – 200, (Scopus Indexed), ISSN 20403232, ONLINE ISSN 20403240, ESCI, IF – 0.06.


Bhattamishra S., Muralikrishnan R., and Choudhary K.K. (2021). Animacy modulates Gender agreement comprehension in Hindi: An ERP study. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.

Conference Presentations

Mathew, A.M., Gulati, M., Bhattamishra S., Muralikrishnan R., Choudhary K.K. (2022) Processing of ergative case in Hindi light verb constructions: An ERP study. Oral Talk at X-‐PPL 2022, Zurich.


Harishree, C. (2022). Need for Remodelling the Engineering Curriculum. In Mekala. S., & Geetha. R. Contemporary ELT Strategies in Engineering Pedagogy: Theory and Practice (pp. 3- 19). India: Routledge.


“Understanding the Nexus between Rhyme, Rhythm and Happiness in Bengali Chharas” (with Jayshree Chakraborty) accepted for publication in Springer.

“Meaning Making through ‘Music’ and ‘Emotion’ in Bengali Children’s Rhymes” in the Jadavpur Journal of Languages and Linguistics, ISSN: 2581-494X. UGC. July 2020 (with Jayshree Chakraborty)

Books Published

Poetic Communication: A Study of the Verbal Art. Jaipur: YKING Publishers. 2015. ISBN:9382532889

Papers Published

Ram Kulesh Thakur and R K Singh. Satire in I.K. Sharma’s Poetry Indian Book Chronicle, Vol. 34, No.9, September 2009, pp. 8-10. ISSN: 0970-468X


G. P. Varma and M. G. Raman (2014). Using audio lessons for the visually impaired in inclusive classrooms: an exploratory study. British Council ISBN 978-0-86355-765-1.

G. P. Varma and M. G. Raman (2018). Understanding Concepts of Visually Impaired in English as a Second Language as a Second Language Context. Research Journal Of English. Vol 3 Issue 3. ISSN: 2456-2696.