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Dr Soni Wadhwa

Project Number: IITI/JPNC/PR5/2023/12/P007

Funding Agency: Jaya Prakash Narayan National Centre of Excellence in the Humanities, IIT Indore

Title of the Project: Sindhi Sanchaya: Building a Comprehensive and Interactive Database of a Partitioned Literature

Project description: As a minor language in India and as a partitioned language and literary tradition, Sindhi needs greater presence on the Internet. The project "Sindhi Sanchaya" is envisioned as a comprehensive and interactive online database of Sindhi literature connecting the communities of readers, researchers and enthusiasts to Sindhi texts scattered in different places online as well as offline. This database will consist of information about Sindhi books published in India in 3 scripts: Perso-Arabic, Devanagari, and Roman so that the books become accessible as cultural identity and legacy to Sindhi speakers all over the world. As an exercise in Digital Humanities, it is an initiative to serve the cause of culture and heritage through archiving.