BA in English (Hons.)

The BA Programme in English strives to help an individual attain the ability to perform in various contexts be it academics, professional or in a social (in a given situation) to be both communicative with the ability to critically think and persuade. This course will help a participant to pursue furthermore in Research areas while remaining flexible towards all areas of expertise.


Students who want to undertake rigorous instruction in English can sign up for the Honours programme. The enrolled learners in the Honours programme will take 5 additional Elective Courses offered by the Department over the course of three years. This additional instruction will begin in their second semester and end in their final semester.

At the end of the Honours programme, the student will have undergone an additional 20 Credits in English language and literature and will be able to speak with authority on topics related to English.



The Department of Literature and Languages offers a three-year long Bachelor’s degree programme. It’s one of a kind English major undergraduate programme in India. This uniqueness is the result of the programme’s ability to expose students to diverse traditions of intellectual pluralism while simultaneously honing their critical thinking; communication (close reading and writing); and analytical skills. The programme introduces the students to nuances in writing with courses like “Advanced Writing Course” while teaching them critical and analytical skills through courses such as “Critical Thinking Skills” and “World Literature.”



In addition to a major in English, the Department also offers a minor for students from other disciplines. Students must finish 5 English courses (4 credits each) to get a minor in English. Currently, the Department offers three minors;

  • English (General)
  • Creative Writing
  • English Literature