AI-enabled Clinical MultiMedia Processing

AI-enabled Clinical MultiMedia Processing Group

Faculty Members: Dr. Ramesh Vaddi, Dr. V. Udaya Sankar , Dr. Sunil Chinnadurai, Dr. Karthikeyan E, Dr. Pradyut Sanki, Dr. Anuj Deshpande, Dr. Anirban Ghosh

This group is deeply interested in biological/clinical computation and oncological multimedia processing. It has been helping biologists and pathologists by designing and implementing user interfaces friendly to their way of working and generating innovative results for the next generation of analysis for bio-professionals. We genuinely believe that a multi-way productive collaboration with biologists, public health professionals and clinical scientists with bioinformatics and bio-computational suite of tools will lead to the next knowledge revolution for humanity towards better health facilitation. This group has received many significant project awards from some of the most reputed agencies like ICMR, DBT, Delhi University etc.