research project
Sl. No. Sponsoring Agency PI/Co-PI Title of project Collaborators Total Amount Period of support Completed/on-going
1 DST-SERB Dr. Pradyut Kumar Sanki Design & Development of Non-invasive Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring SoC Based on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy NA 33 Lakhs 2022-2025 Ongoing
2 DST-SERB Dr. Sujith Kalluri Design and Development of ‘Fast Charging’ Next-Generation Battery System and its Advanced Electronic Diagnostics NA 29,58,450 2019-2021 Completed
3 DST-SERB/SRG Dr. Inbarasn Muniraj Sensing in the dark: An automated off-focused points detection and removal from the photons starved 3D volumetric dataset NA 19.54 Lakhs 2021-2022 Completed
4 DST-SERB/SRG Dr. Karthikeyan Elumalai Novel method for deconvolution and denoising for reflection seismic data NA 25,90,240 2019-2022 Completed.
5 DST-SERB Dr. KM Divya Chaturvedi Development of Breast Cancer Detecting System Based on Microwave - Antenna - Array - Sensors and Implementation of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) NA 26.62 Lakhs 2022-2025 Ongoing
6 IGCAR-Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research Dr. K.A Sunitha Mobile Wellness Program for the Rural population SRM Medical Hospital & Research Centre & SRMIST 22.98 Lakhs 3 months Completed.
7 DST-SERB Dr. K.A Sunitha Development of Wearable IoT Electronic Device for at-home assessment and monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease NA 19.9 Lakhs 3 years Ongoing
8 ISRO Dr. Rupesh Kumar / Dr. KM Divya Chaturvedi Development of Software Package for Conformal Array Analysis NA 20 Lakhs 2.5 years ongoing