Sl. No. Sponsoring Agency PI/Co-PI Title of project Collaborators Total Amount Period of support Completed/on-going
1 DST-SERB Dr. Sujith Kalluri Design and Development of ‘Fast Charging’ Next-Generation Battery System and its Advanced Electronic Diagnostics NA 29,58,450 2019-2021 Ongoing
2 DST-SERB Dr. Karthikeyan Elumalai Novel method for deconvolution and denoising for reflection seismic data NA 25,90,240 2019-2022 Ongoing
3 DST/INT/RUS/RFBR Priya Ranjan, Malay Ranjan Tripathy Research and development of ultra-wideband and smart antennas for different radio
Ms. Shanu Sharma and Russian Scientists 18.74 Jan 2019-Dec 2020 Ongoing
4 ICMR Priya Ranjan, Dr. Prof. Rajiv Janardhnan Artificial Intelligence Enabled Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer In Tertiary Care
Settings And Extended Community
Dr. Mehak Segan, Dr. Shelly Batra, Ms. P. Armabam, .69.55 2019-2022 Ongoing
5 DBT Priya Ranjan, Dr. Prof. Rajiv Janardhnan Studies on the Prognostic Value of Alterations in Thyroid Hormones with Management
of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) at Tertiary Healthcare Centres,
dated February 05, 2019), India, Jointly with Dr. Prof. Rajiv Janardhnan, Dr. R. S.
Thangjam, Dr. U. Kaul, Prof. A.Zargar, Ms. P. Armabam,
59.85 2019-2022 Ongoing