Wearable Electronic Systems

Wearable Electronic Systems (WES) Group

Faculty Members: Prof. Siva Sankar Yellampalli, Dr. Ramesh Vaddi, Dr. Sujith Kalluri, Dr. Karthikeyan E, Dr. Pradyut Sanki, Dr. Divya Chaturvedi, Dr. Anuj Deshpande

This research group focuses on the design and development of Wearable Electronic Systems (WES) for applications such as IoT, smart wearable gadgets for fitness, Biomedical implants, etc. This includes theory, modeling, analysis, design, integration and testing of various important components such as power management circuits, energy harvesting circuits, flexible rechargeable battery systems, wireless charging devices, ultra low power and energy-efficient circuits, Post-CMOS device technologies, On-Chip memory design, Circuits and Architectures for VLSI DSP, ASIC/FPGA Implementations, Hardware security, AI based Edge computing nodes, wireless systems, Smart Antennas, resonance/polarized antenna systems, Photonics based Interconnects, etc.