Message From HoD

Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics, IoT, 5G etc are some of the technological innovations we hear today. It is predicted that industry 4.0 will be dominated by these technologies and to have a career in industry we need to master these technologies. To excel in these technologies, knowledge of both hardware and software is necessary. The engineering field which helps you master both the hardware and software domains is electronics and communication engineering. On close observation of these technologies you will be surprised to note that electronics and communication engineering is the driving force behind all these new technologies & innovations. These new technologies are part of the electronics and communication engineering evolution, even with these advancements we are only in the middle of the journey.

In a traditional sense, the advancement of electronics and communication technology has sought to address four unique aspects of information; these are: the speed and distance at which information can be sent and received, the staying power or permanency of the information, the volume of information that can be sent and finally how to make use of the information for decision making. These new technological innovations are addressing one or more parameters of information dissipation. In years to come new technologies fuelled by electronics and communication engineering will be dominating the industrial scenario as the challenges are ever growing. To have a successful career, mastering electronics and communication engineering is the only way.

Here at the Electronics and Communication Department at SRM University Andhra Pradesh we teach students the various aspects of information through the study of communication engineering, electronics engineering, microwave engineering and AI/ML. Mastering these engineering subdomains will make students ready not only for industry 4.0 but for newer technology innovations that might follow. Our aim is to teach students how to learn technology so that in their career they can evolve along with the technology and have long careers by adopting to industry needs. With these words we at the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, SRM University Andhra Pradesh extend a warm welcome to you. We encourage you to explore the opportunities in the department of Electronics and communication engineering and have a successful career.

-Dr. Ramesh Vaddi
Associate Professor and Head,
Electronics and Communication Engineering