Departmental Leadership

Committee Coordinators of CSE Department

Head of the Department: Prof. Niraj Upadhayaya

Website Committee - Coordinator: Dr Ravikant Kumar

Placement Committee - Coordinator: Dr Manikandan V M

Time-Table Committee - Coordinator: Dr Satish Anamalamudi

Internship Committee - Coordinator: Dr Neeraj Kumar Sharma

Technical Committee Lead (University Online classes) - Coordinator: Dr Murali Krishna Enduri

Minerva Course Coordinator: Dr Murali Krishna Enduri

UROP and Capstone Project - Coordinator: Dr Krishna Prasad

PhD exam/course work and MTech exams - Coordinator: Dr Ashok Pradhan

Industry-Department Interaction for Consultancy and Research - Coordinator: Dr Niladri Sett

Lab/ Research Equipment purchase and Management - Coordinator: Dr Murali Krishna Enduri

Entrepreneurship Activities - Coordinator: Dr Jatindra Kumar Dash

International Relations - Coordinator: Dr Ashu Abdul

UGC/AICTE/Reports Committee - Coordinator: Dr Nitul Dutta

BSc Program & online classes - Coordinator (for Engineering): Dr Sobin CC

Time-Table & Exams - Coordinator: Dr Satish Anamalamudi

ISCP & GPEMC courses - Coordinator: Dr Saleti Sumalatha

MOOC / SWAYAM /online courses (COURSERA) - Coordinator: Dr Tapas Kumar Mishra

Plagiarism Tools and Neoco Lab - Coordinator : Dr Amit Mandal

MTech (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) - Coordinator: Prof. Radha Guha

MTech (Data Science) - Coordinator: Dr Murali Krishna Enduri

MTech (Internet of Things) - Coordinator: Dr Amit Mandal

CSR Programmes, Ziroh Labs - Coordinator: Dr Dinesh Reddy

Infosys Programme - Coordinator: Dr Sriramulu Bojjagani

CISCO Programme - Coordinator: Dr Satish Anamalamudi

Various Specialisation Programmes and BSc Programme Coordinators:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Dr Ashu Abdul

Internet of Things: Dr Priyanka

Cyber Security: Dr Amit Mandal

Distributed and Cloud Computing: Dr Dinesh Reddy

Data Sciences: Dr Murali Krishna Enduri

BSc Computer Sciences: Dr Sobin C C

CISCO Programme - Coordinator: Dr Satish Anamalamudi