Doctoral Scholars

Nancy Anurag Parasa

Date of joining: July 23, 2018
Research interests: Content Based Image Retrieval, Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning.
Supervisor:Dr. Jathindra Kumar Dash

Anusha Nalajala

Date of joining: August 28, 2018
Research interests: Distributed File Systems, Big Data, Cloud and Fog Computing.
Supervisor:Dr.T Ragunathan

Inturi Anitha Rani

Date of joining: August 30, 2018
Research interests: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Object Tracking in Videos, Image and Video Retrieval
Supervisor:Dr. A. Vadivel

K. Jyothsna Devi

Date of joining: February 21, 2019
Research interests: Object Tracking in Surveillance Systems.
Supervisor:Dr. S. Priyanka

E. Bhaskara Santhosh

Date of joining: March 16, 2019
Research interests: IoT security and privacy, Block chain, Cryptography, Network Security, Healthcare.
Supervisor:Dr. Ashok Kumar Pradhan

Koduru Hajarathaiah

Date of joining: March 19, 2020
Research interests: Complex Networks and Analysis of Algorithms, Information Centric Networks(ICN) with IoT
Supervisor: Dr Satish Anamalamudi
Co-Supervisor: Dr Murali Krishna Enduri

Shaiju Panchikkil

Date of joining: November 19, 2020
Research interests: Reversible data hiding in images
Supervisor: Dr Manikandan V M

Rajesh Yelchuri

Date of joining: January 02, 2021
Research interests: Content Based Image Retrieval, Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning
Supervisor: Dr Jatindra Kumar Dash

Aliva Panda

Date of joining: January 08, 2021
Research interests: Cloud Computing
Supervisor: Dr Sambit Kumar Mishra

Neena Alex

Date of joining:February 22, 2021
Research interests: : Internet of Things, Smart Agriculture
Supervisor: Dr Sobin C C

Arati Behera

Date of joining: May 02, 2021
Research interests: SDN, WSN, Machine Learning
Supervisor: Dr Kshira Sagar Sahoo

Venkata Madhu Bindu Nalluri

Date of joining: May 10, 2021
Research interests: Nano Networks
Supervisor: Dr Manjula R

Usha Kumari

Date of joining: May 11, 2021
Research interests: Deep Learning , Image Processing
Supervisor: Dr Shuvendu Rana

Ramdas Kapila

Date of joining: May 15, 2021
Research interests:Data Mining & Machine Learning
Supervisor: Dr T Ragunathan

Phani Siginamsetty

Date of joining: August 10, 2021
Research interests: AI, Machine Learning, Data Science
Supervisor: Dr Ashu Abdul

Praneetha Surapaneni

Date of joining: August 10, 2021
Research interests: : IOT, Machine Learning, Cyber Security
Supervisor: Dr Sriramulu Bojjagani

B Surya Samantha

Date of joining: 20 October 2021
Research interests: : Computer Networks
Supervisor:Dr.Nitul Dutta