Student Projects

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Project (UROP)

The Undergraduate Research Programme (UROP) is a Core course offered by the Department for it’s students to make it ensure that everyone gets a window into Research mindset expected by leading organizations and Universities abroad. Unfortunately, several UG programs in India keep students busy with teaching lot of theory and Lab courses and very little time is given for students to think outside the box and very few actually have succeeded (with few exceptions) by tapping the potential of UG students for meeting Research targets and needs of the University. Here, we aim to involve students within various state of the art research groups and Laboratories within the Department under the mentorship of faculty members of the Department for early research exposure before the final semester Capstone project.

Accident and Alcohol Indication and Security System for a Vehicle

Accident Detection and Alert System Low Cost

Music Player using Python

Home Automation using ESP8266

Home Automation using GSM

Magnetically Levitated Mini Windmill Array Towards Powering Hybrid Vehicles

Pressure and Temperature Alert system using GSM Technologies

Sat Based Automatic Test Pattern Generation

Mining Twitter Data for Sentiment Analysis

Smart Agriculture Using IOT and Filtering Techniques

Smart Glove for Gesture Interpretation-Poster

Solar Powered LED Street Light and Mobile Charger with Auto Intensity Control Circuit

Sematic Segmentation Using MATLAB


Automated Diamond Price Prediction Using Machine Learning

Benchtop Cooler for Laboratory (e-ICE Tray)

IoT Enabled Garbage Management System

Smart Monitoring Device