Design and Development Club Member

To develop a system which operate in the frequencies of 100 MHz-30GHz, the knowledge of fundamental concepts and design techniques of Passive microwave components are very important. This club is encouraging the students for pursuing their interest in design and development of Antennas and other microwave components. Nowadays, it is a goal of all wireless communication engineers to build a wireless world. Hence, the demand of skilled antenna designer is very high in current time.

The participation of students is appreciable in the club activities. The students have learnt to design dipole, patch, loop, and array antennas along with other microwave components such as filter, power divider, cavity resonators etc. Firstly, the Students have learnt the fundamentals, designing, and finally simulations on CST studio, Ansys HFSS, ADS. The few students have been motivated to implement the design in prototypes and to present their contribution in various national/International conferences.

Faculty Mentor:Dr. Divya Chaturvedi & Dr. Goutam Rana

Club Co-Ordinator: Sai Jnaneswar, Mahesh Naidu, and Ayesha Sameer Sheikh