MTech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Programme Objectives

Enable the students to design and develop innovative products and services in the field of E-mobility

About The Course

This course is mainly helpful to explore the new challenges in the future automobile industries. To accelerating the introduction and adoption of electric vehicles, a multi-government policy forum launched the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) project under the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM). Thirteen worldwide countries, including India, are currently participating in EVI. India also has launched the National Electric Mobility Mission initiative project to develop EV technologies and infrastructure. These initiative projects and developments on EV technologies are the key motivating factors behind this M.Tech program in E-mobility specialization. The primary goal of this program is to produce skilled and talented manpower required for future automobile industries. The graduates from this course will have the confidence to design and develop innovative products and services in the field of electric mobility technologies. The graduate students will have expertise in certain specialization subjects such as Electric Vehicle & Hybrid Technologies, latest Fuel cell/battery charging technologies coupled with SiC and GaN based power devices for energy storage applications.


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