Power and Control Club

The main objective of this club is to inculcate awareness among students towards sustainable energy, its importance in our lives, and its impact on the future of energy development sector. Further, it also aims at motivating and training the students with the necessary technical and experimental skills set at par with the requirement trends of present energy industries. Aligned to the mission of the club, the action plan would comprise of organizing several activities, for instance, seminars, expert/distinguished lectures from eminent scientists and engineers in electrical engineering and allied fields, technical writing workshops, project mentorship programmes, poster/paper presentation, quiz competition, and other student technical development programmes etc. This club would indeed provide a strong platform for students to gain knowledge about the fundamentals of electrical power and energy systems, the involved electronics and control as well as enhance their experimental skills and prepare them for a successful professional career in Electrical Engineering.

Faculty Coodinator: Dr Satyavir Singh

Students Involved:

  1. President: B. Karishma
  2. Secretary: Mehataj
  3. Vice-president: Sujeet Patnaik
  4. Treasure: Harshita Puli
  5. Executive Members: Sai Teja T., Mr. Bharatha Kumar, Mr. Maaz Khan, Mr. V. Akash Nandan Reddy, Mr. Keadar & Mr. Jawahar Sagar.