Academics Overview

The study of life and life processes is an ever-changing mystery unto itself. As simple and abstract as the above definition sounds, it is the truth. Biology is an ever-changing never-stagnant discipline that has new concepts patiently waiting to be discovered.

The Biological Sciences department at SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh offers Undergraduate (BSc) and Doctorate (PhD) programmes. It has an outstanding, internationally recognised faculty supported by excellent facilities for both teaching and research. Housed in a complex that includes classrooms, a library, a computing lab, and research laboratories, any aspirant with the drive to study life in its many forms have no end to the knowledge available at hand. In addition to stimulating and challenging course work, students also have unique opportunities to jump-start their careers by participating in cutting edge research projects under faculty guidance, serving as undergraduate teaching assistants, doing internships, and participating in student clubs.

The majors offered in Biological Sciences not only fulfil the basic science requirements for admission to higher professional schools. They also provide sufficient knowledge to enter secondary education programmes; public health and research graduate programs. Additionally, any candidate pursuing the programme can also pursue Foundation courses and Minors in other disciplines within the School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences, thereby making this a well-rounded offering of Biological Sciences equally rich in knowledge of other branches.

Our Bachelor of Science degree provides a strong foundation for careers in which familiarity with biological topics is needed, including health care, industry, government, law, and education. This again, in turn, opens a variety of doors in a variety of fields of study and occupation, making this a study that is sought after by a lot of employers from the fields of Research to Industrial Safety; Microbiology to Public hygiene.

Biology as a science is not only an interesting discipline to pursue, but also an employable qualification that can offer a lot of scope in different industries, thereby forging life-science aspirants into what they truly are – Industry leaders and pioneers in the field.

Courses Offered

  • B.Sc. Integrative Biology (Hons.)
  • MSc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • PhD in Biology
  • Post Doctoral Programme