Prof C Durga Rao

Associate Dean-in-Charge - School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

EMAIL: durgarao.c@srmap.edu.in
'Virology, Molecular, and Cell Biology'

Prof. Jayaseelan Murugaiyan

Professor & Head

EMAIL: Jayaseelan.m@srmap.edu.in
‘Proteomics and Antimicrobial Resistance’

Dr. Anil K. Suresh

Associate Professor

EMAIL: anil.s@srmap.edu.in
“Bionanotechnology & Sustainable Laboratory: Nano-Biomedicine, Targeted Drug Delivery, Imaging, Cancer Theranostics, Nano-sustainability”

Dr Naga Bhushana Rao Karampudi

Assistant Professor

EMAIL: nagabhushan.k@srmap.edu.in
'Computational Biology'

Dr Pitchaiah Cherukuri

Assistant Professor

EMAIL: pitchaiah.c@srmap.edu.in

Dr. Manjunatha Thondamal

Assistant Professor-DST INSPIRE Faculty

EMAIL: manjunatha.t@srmap.edu.in
'Genetics of Aging'

Dr Sandeep Singh

Dr Sandeep Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sutharsan Govindarajan

Assistant Professor

EMAIL: sutharsan.g@srmap.edu.in
‘Molecular and Cell biology of Phage-Bacteria interaction’

Dr. Writoban Basu Ball

Assistant Professor

EMAIL: writoban.b@srmap.edu.in
'Mitochondrial Biology'