Mysteries of life have fascinated mankind for centuries and cutting-edge research reveals something new and startling ever so often. This research is conducted by Biologists with a passion for “life”. The Department of Biological Sciences fuels that passion and imagination with the help of its Internationally recognized staff and state of the art facilities for research.

Message from HOD

We offer unique and comprehensive programmes designed to impart theoretical and practical training encompassing all the major contemporary subjects in Biology. Our theoretical and experimental training is flavoured with a tinge of research and inquisitive orientation. The research interests in the Department are diverse, and our contributions through journal publications have been significant, leading to patents.


To integrate innovative teaching, and cutting-edge research by creating an environment that inspires both learning and discovery to emerge as a global leader in value-based education, interdisciplinary research, and new ventures.



Empower students with skills, knowledge, and ethics for success, enabling them to address societal challenges.

Advancing through groundbreaking research and fostering pedagogical innovations to create interactive learning experiences.

Integrate academic excellence with entrepreneurial spirit to evolve into an interdisciplinary centre.

Programmes Offered