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  • Life of an ECE Student at SRM University-AP June 30, 2021

    Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) at SRM University-AP prepares students to take part in the next-gen industrial revolution (Industry 4.0 and beyond). To inform the aspirants about the activity-based inter & multi-disciplinary learning and the vibrant life of ECE students, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is organising a webinar and panel session on July 17, 2021, at 6.00 pm.

    In the session “Clubs with ECE (Microwave+ Linux)” moderated by Assistant professor Dr Sibendu Samanta, Assistant professor Dr Goutam Rana will talk about the specialised clubs for experiential learning that ECE students receive at our university.

    Study Abroad Programme (SAP) aimed for students at SRM University- AP let them spend one full semester in one of our collaborating universities (The University of California, University of Wisconsin, Flinders University, IIT Chicago, Efrei Paris, National Tsing Hua University, University of Skovde, North Eastern University, Asia University). The Linux club to ease out learning complex coding in Advance OS and Computer and the Antenna/Microwave component designing club to bridge the gap between RF, Microwave Industry and conceptual theoretical classroom learning are specialities of ECE department.

    Join this interactive webinar on July 17, 2021, at 6.00 pm and know how your life as an ECE graduate student at SRM University-AP.

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  • How the ECE curriculum is better than other branches! June 29, 2021

    Electronics and Communication Engineering plays an important role in futuristic technologies both in Indian and global markets. For example, 6G, Glasses-free 3D-TV, Autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, Augmented/Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence etc. The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) at SRM University-AP is organising a panel session on the topic “Higher Studies Opportunities with ECE” on July 10, 2021, at 6.00 pm. In the session moderated by Assistant Professor Dr Sunil Chinnadurai, Assistant Professor Dr Inbarasan Muniraj will educate the attendees on the reasons why one should choose Electronics and Communication Engineering rather than Computer Science Engineering.

    The syllabus at SRM University-AP brings up industry-ready ECE graduates incorporating the design thinking curriculum along with advanced courses such as AI-ML, IoT, Embedded systems, Advanced VLSI, Signal Processing, Communication Systems, and Networking which are the current needs of the industry. ECE better than other engineering branches because the top inventions like mobile phone, Computer, Satellite, Internet, 5G/6G, IoT, AR/VR, Holograms, Machine Learning, AI, smart homes/cities, together with some of the recent necessities like CT scan, Oximeter, infrared thermometers are all the products of ECE.

    Let us BREAK the myth that the Electronics and Communication Engineering branch is a hard nut to crack and know about higher education possibilities by joining the interactive webinar on July 10, 2021, at 6.00 pm.

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  • Panel session: Research opportunities in ECE June 28, 2021

    The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) organises a panel session on “Research Opportunities in ECE” to discuss the prospective research areas that a graduate from SRM University-AP can ingress into. The session will be moderated by Dr Anuj Deshpande, Assistant Professor from the department on July 3, 2021, at 6.00 pm.

    The panel members and speakers for this programme will be Prof Priya Ranjan, Dr Ramesh Vaddi, Dr Divya Chaturvedi, and Dr Anirban Ghosh.

    SRM University-AP offers research guidance and assistance in the fields of AI-enabled Clinical MultiMedia Processing, Battery Research, Future Communication Systems, Hardware Security, RF and Applied Photonics, Systems Biology, and Wearable Electronic Systems. The state of the art research laboratories in the department such as Electronics Laboratory, Communications Systems Laboratory, Microprocessor/Microcontroller Interface Lab, Microwave Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing and VLSI Laboratory aid students to explore the latest technological methodologies of research. The department has also undertaken various research projects sponsored by DST-SERB, DST/INT/RUS/RFBR collaborated with Russian Scientists, ICMR, and DBT.

    To know more about the research opportunities that an ECE graduate student can find at their disposal, join this informational panel discussion on July 3, 2021, at 6.00 pm.

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  • Invited talk on Cloud operations June 26, 2021

    The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering along with IEEE Education Society Bangalore is organising an invited talk on the topic “Cloud Operations – Overview and Challenges” on June 26, 2021, from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm. The guest speaker Mr Santosh Chachadi will give an overview of salient Cloud Operations activities of applications and highlight their challenges.

    The Software-as-a-Service Cloud offering has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry; more and more customers adapting to this new paradigm of consuming business applications from the cloud which relieves the customers and their IT departments from the turmoil of maintaining large data centres, and maintenance of hardware and software. For service providers of such cloud applications, this would mean that they have to concentrate on the “operability” of such a solution in addition to providing all the competitive features, bells and whistles.

    About the speaker:
    Santosh Chachadi is an Electronics and Communications Engineer and an MBA. He has more than 21 years of experience working in the IT industry in various capacities. He currently works as the Cloud Operations Manager for SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud ERP system that caters to customers in the small/medium enterprise segment having anywhere between 50-500 users. Join this enlightening lecture on June 26, 2021, at 7.00 pm.

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  • Technical writing workshop on LaTeX software system June 25, 2021

    The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, organises a continual online and offline Workshop Series titled “Learn & Earn: Hands-On Science & Technology (HOST)” to learn the recent techniques and explore the future developments in the field of Science & Technology. The first seminar of this workshop series, on the theme “Technical Writing with LaTeX”, is scheduled to be held on June 27, 2021, at 11.00 am. This workshop will be enlightened and engaged by Dr Ram Kulesh Thakur, Assistant Professor, Department of English (11:00 am – 12:00 pm), and Dr Anuj Deshpande, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm), SRM University – AP with their in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in their respective domain.

    Dr Ram Kulesh Thakur will discuss methods to write technical papers and increase writing skills for research and publication. Dr Anuj will give hands-on experience in preparing a technical report, thesis, research paper, and presentation with LaTeX. Some other aspects to be covered through this workshop are finding quality sources, practical tips for organizing and drafting a paper, transitioning between information, citing sources and paraphrasing texts to prevent plagiarism, and writing abstracts. The workshop aims to train students on research writing skills and address the concerns of attendees.

    All are invited to join this online workshop upon free registration on June 27, 2021, at 11 am.

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    About the Speakers:

    Dr Ram Kulesh Thakur’s main areas of interest are Indian Writing in English, especially poetry; and English Language Teaching for science and technology. He obtained his doctorate in 2013 from the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad, India, and holds an M Phil (English) from the same institute. Now Assistant Professor at SRM University AP- Andhra Pradesh (India), Dr Thakur has been actively involved in curriculum development, in guiding and training both UG and PG students in enhancing their overall personality to meet the expectations of future employers, i.e., making them corporate ready.

    Dr Anuj Deshpande, who has taken Masters from SRTMU, Nanded and a PhD from IIT, Kharagpur is associated with the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Dr Anuj had been one of the Latex experts at the Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur while doing his PhD. His current project is fault analysis and therapeutic intervention in genetic regulatory networks and he has published papers in reputed journals.

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