Semester Abroad program (SAP)

SRM University- AP, Andhra Pradesh encourages and supports its students to go for Semester Abroad program (SAP) by providing financial support. We have collaboration with world’s finest universities like University of California Berkely, University of Wisconcin-Madison for SAP where students get opportunity to showcase their talent and knowledge imbibed at SRM University-AP in a highly competitive environment. SAP influence the perspectives, personalities, and academic life of the students positively. From enhancing global network to experiencing a new culture, it can be a life-changing experience for students. With the great vision of producing world leaders at SRM University- AP, 23 students have gone for SAP from CSE department in the very first three years of its journey (20 students to University of California Berkely with full financial support and 3 students to University of Wisconcin-Madison).