Research Areas

The Department of Mathematics doesn’t just encourage research but actively promotes and supports it. Undergraduate students can conduct research on varied topics including Diff-erential Equations and Inclusions, Numerical Linear Algebra, Hydrodynamics Stability, Flow through Porous, Poroelastic and Viscoelastic media, Hydro-elasticity, Wave-structure Interaction Problems and Mathematical Control Theory.

  • Numerical solution of partial differential equations
  • Hydrodynamic Stability
  • Modelling for Partial Differential Equations based Image processing problems
  • Rigid C*-tensor categories and their annular representations
  • Spectra of Resistance matrices of Graph
  • Diagonalization of AM operators
  • Computational Number Theory
  • Fuzzy logic & Fuzzy systems
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Topology
  • Fixed point theory
  • Discrete Dynamical Systems
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Mathematical Education
  • Geometry of Banach Spaces
  • Study of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations