The science of quantification is the mother of all sciences, and Mathematics – The study of quantities is an all pervading science whose absence would render all the other sciences obsolete. Mathematics is a day-to-day tool we use to live as without numbers the conceptualisation of the other sciences would be a distant dream.

Since its inception, the Mathematics department at SRM AP is actively engaged in both pure and applied mathematics as well as cutting-edge interdisciplinary scientific research. At the same time, the Department of Mathematics is committed to imparting high-quality education and active learning in the emerging and classical areas of mathematical sciences. The department offers a three-year Undergraduate BSc in Mathematics with the optional 4th-year research in accordance with NEP, MSc in Mathematics and PhD programmes.

Any candidate pursuing the program can also pursue Foundation courses and Minors in other disciplines within the School of Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences, thereby making this a well-rounded offering of Mathematics equally rich in knowledge of other branches.

The research areas of the Department include Differential Equations and Inclusions, Numerical Linear Algebra, Hydrodynamics Stability, Flow through Porous materials, Poroelastic and Viscoelastic media, Hydro-elasticity, Wave-structure Interaction Problems, Mathematical Control Theory, Number Theory, Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic groups, Mathematical Modelling and Mathematical Biology.

The employment opportunities are also aplenty as this is one of those educational degrees that work in close concurrence with the major science disciplines. There are infinite opportunities for the candidate to work in tandem with the various disciplines of Engineering, Medicine, Aeronautical and Electronic streams as quantity analysts are sought after in almost every concurrent field of science.