Research Scholars

Post-doctoral Researchers

Dr Vigneswaran V S

Date of joining: 12-April-2022
Research interests: Advanced gasification cook stoves; Thermal energy storage using PCM; Solar desalination;
Supervisor: Dr Karthik Rajendran
Phone: 9894155536

PhD Students

Mijanur Mondal

Date of joining: 22-August-2022
Research interests: Hydroclimatic variability and impact on surface water-groundwater interaction.
Vulnerability assessment of coastal groundwater resources.
Solute transport modelling.
Supervisor: Dr Kousik Das
Phone: 8945840893

Satendra Kumar Rathaude

Date of joining: 19-Febuary-2022
Research interests: Plant diversity, Biomass and Carbon stock assessment
Supervisor: Dr Javid Ahmad Dar
Phone: 7828744478, 9907099232

Ms Rashmi Singh

Date of joining: 04-January-2022
Research interests: Dissolved organic matter (DOM) dynamics in riverine networks.
Coupling of DOM properties to greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions.
Aquatic DOM/GHGs dynamics in response to land use modifications.
Supervisor: Dr Shoji D. Thottathil
Phone: 7253009056

Ms M S S R Tejaswini

Date of joining: 29-April-2021
Research interests: Solid waste management, Life cycle assessment
Supervisor: Dr Pankaj Pathak
Phone: 8074081177

Mr Karthikeyan M

Date of joining: 04-December-2020
Research interests: Machine learning, Microbial electrolysis cell (MEC), HER Catalyst
Supervisor: Dr Karthik Rajendran
Phone: 8760591680

Mr Gopa Nandikes P

Date of joining: 28-October-2020
Research interests: Microbial fuel cells (MFC), ORR catalyst, perovskites, Techno economic analysis
Supervisor: Dr Pankaj Pathak
Phone: 8606688903

Mr Prabakaran G

Date of joining: 01-October-2020
Research interests: Biogas measurement system, Automation, control system, Life cycle assessment
Supervisor: Dr.Karthik Rajendran
Phone: 7010644298

Ms Latika Patel

Date of joining: 15-March-2020
Research interests: Methane production and oxidation in streams Linking eutrophication and methane emission in tropical inland waters
Supervisor: Dr. Shoji D. Thottathil
Phone: 8249358267

Mr Kesani Sarath Chandra Gowd

Date of joining: 05-September-2019
Research interests: Nutrient recovery and value-added products from wastewater; Techno-economic analysis; Sustainable wastewater management; BECCS
Supervisor: Dr Karthik Rajendran
Phone: 9542111156