Project Title: Consultancy towards developing the web and mobile-based application for monitoring the biogas plant.

Principal Investigator: Dr Karthik Rajendran

Funding Agency: Industry: EcoSense WasteLogics (P) Ltd, Singapore -049422.

Total Funding: 3 Lakhs

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: Cradle-to-Cradle Industrial Process Development for Green Recycling of Critical Metals from Spent Li-ion Batteries using Hydro-metallurgical Technique

Principal Investigator: Dr Pankaj Pathak

Funding Agency: SERB-DST

Total Funding: 55 Lakhs

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: Assessment and modelling of carbon and nitrogen dynamics in tropical forests of Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh in response to climate change

Principal Investigator: Dr Javid Ahmad Dar

Funding Agency: DST-SERB

Total Funding: 28.54 Lakhs

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: Feasibility of biogas upgradation from Sago industries at Salem, Tamil Nadu

Principal Investigator: Dr Karthik Rajendran

Total Funding: 1.0 Lakhs

Project Duration: 2022-2023 (6 months)

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: Methane Emission from Tropical Aquatic Networks: Elucidating the underpinning mechanisms and landscape-level drivers

Principal Investigator: Dr Shoji D Thottathil

Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

Total Funding: 30.2 Lakhs

Project Duration: 2019 - 2021

Status: Completed