MSc Environmental Science

  • Sustainable Development

Introduction to the Programme

The Department of Environmental Science and Engineering offers 2-year MSc degree in Environmental Science. This programme aims to equip students with multidisciplinary skills to solve environmental problems and find lasting solutions for environmental issues and climatic crises from regional to global scales. This programme not only provides insights into the causes and consequences of the most pressing issues our world is facing today (global warming and climate change, energy crisis, water scarcity, pollution, biodiversity loss, etc.), but also build necessary skills to find sustainable solutions through bioengineering, renewable energy technologies, techno-economic analysis, novel means of waste management, and conservation strategies. Our unique curriculum will enable students to find job opportunities in industries, consultancies or pursue further research with premier institutes/universities in India and foreign countries. Our faculty members have completed their PhD and postdoctoral research with premier Indian institutes (IIT, IISc), research organisations and universities abroad (Sweden, Japan, Canada, USA, Malaysia), and continue to have ongoing research collaborations with these institutes. Our students will have opportunities to get involved in the ongoing institutional and collaborative research programmes while pursuing MSc in Environmental Science.

Salient features:

  • Research-oriented curriculum
  • Industry-ready training
  • Skill-based learning
  • Application-driven problem-solving
  • Hands-on experience

Aims and Objectives

  • To create awareness and knowledge about sustainability.
  • To produce confident, technical, and creative postgraduates.
  • To create awareness and innovation to deal with environmental issues.
  • Integrate the knowledge of sciences to identify the solution for complex environmental problems.
  • Design or recommend sustainable solutions for efficient use of natural resources to meet sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Curriculum Highlights

  • Sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Waste management
  • Techno-economic analysis