Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Vigneswaran V S

Date of joining: April 12, 2022
Research interests: Advanced gasification cook stoves; Thermal energy storage using PCM; Solar desalination;
Supervisor: Dr Karthik Rajendran
Phone: 9894155536

Dr Uttiya Dey

Date of joining: August 16, 2023
Research interests: Microplastic pollution in the coastal areas
Supervisor: Dr Deep Raj
Phone: 9748418592

Dr Sarath Chandra Gowd Kesani

Date of joining: October 18, 2023
Research interests: Life Cycle Assessment; Wastewater Treatment; Climate Change; Bioenergy; Techno-economic Analysis.
Supervisor: Dr Shoji D Thottathil
Phone: 9542111156

Dr Shahid Ahmad Dar

Date of joining: October 25, 2023
Research interests: Wetland Dynamics, Remote Sensing
Supervisor: Dr Javid Ahmad Dar
Phone: 7006571575

Dr Ricky Rajamanickam

Date of joining: October 18, 2023
Research interests: Industrial effluent treatment, Emerging contaminants, Phycoremediation
Phone: 9698312538