Career and scope of Mechanical Engineering

Five jobs for Mechanical Engineering

What to do after a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering?

If you love to know how things work and invent new products, a career in mechanical engineering may be perfect for you. Popularly known as the “mother of engineering,” mechanical engineering relates to concepts such as mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics, and many others. These concepts are applied in the process of designing customised manufacturing units, different types of automobiles, aircraft and aerospace parts, and anything and everything else you can think! This article answers all your questions about what the job of a mechanical engineer entails, and the career paths available for you after a BTech/ BE in mechanical engineering. Read More>>


As your final BE semester rolls around, Indian and multinational corporations start visiting your campus for recruitments. Or you may be in the middle of admissions to a business school. In either case, you are likely to face a group discussion or a GD round as part of the selection process.

So, what exactly happens in GD rounds and why are they so important?Read More >>