Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Title of project Agency Amount
1 Dr Sheela Singh Studies upon modification of high entropy alloy for thermal barrier coating applications DST SERB EMR/2016/001066 52.2 lakh
2 Dr G S Vinod kumar Development of liquid metal processing route for closed cell magnesium foam DST SERB EMR/2016/006207 66 lakh
3 Dr SP Jammy Wall effect in shock wave boundary layer interactions DST-CRG 2020/003859 39 lakh
4 Dr G S Vinod Kumar Development of closed cell gold foam for jewellery applications Titan ltd-IN-2021-KA01404072207184T 29.60 lakh
5 Dr Lakshmi Sirisha Design and development of smart and hybrid parallel microchannel cooling system to address the cooling challenges of electronic components DST-SERB-SRG/2021/000639 28.74 lakh
6 Dr G S Vinod kumar Development of novel gold and silver alloys Waman Hari Pethe and sons- 2022 17 lakh
7 Dr Surfaraz Halkarni Thermal management of Li-Iron battery system Part of SRM-AmarRaja battery project 26 lakh