Travel, learn and experience new things.

But why has going to a university in another country become so popular?

In a culturally varied developing country like India, you can learn so much more through first experiences than you could ever learn from textbooks.
Everyone-students, faculty, and professionals- may benefit from the learning opportunities provided by Indian Immersion Programme.


A one of a kind programme that centres on uniquely Indian qualities like Sanskrit, Ayurveda / Holistic Wellness, Indian Arts, Indian Culinary Sciences, Yoga, Tourism and Hospitality. Students and faculty from overseas will get exposure to India’s heritage, the plurality of cultures, and technological advances.


The stated goals of this programme are to provide a brief but focused introduction to several aspects of India.
This includes the following:

  • Interactive panel discussions with top Indian economists to gain first-hand knowledge of a burgeoning economy.
  • Overview of Indian Science and Technology Development - Interactive panel talks with famous Indian scientists and visits to the country's premier laboratories.
  • Eminent historians will be invited to provide a series of talks on Indian history and religion.
  • Visits to SRM Campuses, Vijayawada, and local sightseeing will provide insights into the region’s rich traditions and different cultures.
  • Interactive panel discussions with eminent Corporate CEO’s on the pitfalls and opportunities of doing business in India.
  • One-hour sessions of stress management and yoga meditation.
  • Learn about the ethos and ideals of the Indian family, personal relationships, bonding, fraternity, and peace, as well as how to use this learning in today's materialistic world.
  • Indian Culture - There will be two to three musical/cultural events.

Programme Structure

The programme is modular in design, allowing it to be tailored to meet the needs of various target audiences.

In general, the Indian Immersion Programme is a one-of-a-kind social and cultural experience for foreigners and ex-pats who want to connect, learn, and leave a legacy in India.

The Indian Immersion programme offers events and courses which include:

Cultural pastimes include festival celebrations, Indian music and dance performances, flower stringing explorations, visits to religious places, and even bazaar shopping excursions.

Workshops where you will learn Indian dishes as well as Indian languages, yoga, meditation, art, and philosophy.

Worldclass discussions and debates, coffee-morning conversations, Bollywood movie screenings, and cross-cultural potlucks are among the social events and entertainment.

Our flagship programme, A Taste of India, is meant to immerse you in India through your five senses and provide you with a unique insight into the Indian lifestyle, in fact, the sixth sense. So much of what we do is based on this.

For years, India's "Atithi Devo Bhava" culture has attracted international students.
Short-term mobility is typically employed to improve students' firsthand comprehension of a subject. International field visits provide an interesting opportunity to study a specialised subject in contrasting environments and provide a unique perspective on learning or research.

Under short duration programmes, SRM University-AP has been hosting international students under various mobility programmes such as UKIERI.