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Semester Abroad Programme

Semester Abroad Programme

SRM - AP has collaborations with various universities across the globe and has signed Memoranda of Understanding with them. This gives our students the opportunity to study at the host university with mutual recognition of the credit hours, allowing the ease of credit transfers. The students at SRM University-AP can also get the benefit of tuition fee waivers. Some of our partners are:

As a part of the Semester Abroad Program, students are permitted to enroll in a few classes and/or a major project at reputable foreign universities for ONE semester/year. By using a recognised conversion process, the credits acquired at the foreign university through the SAP will be converted into SRM credits and used by SRMAP to determine whether to grant the degree. The students return home following their time spent studying abroad to continue with the degree program for which they were enrolled, and after fulfilling all the necessary conditions laid out in the regulations of SRMAP, the student will become eligible for the award of the degree.

Semester Abroad Program Opportunities

Madison, Wisconsin

Chicago, Illinois

Berkeley, California

Berkeley, CaDavis, California

Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Notre Dame, Indiana

Notre Dame, Indiana

Dundee, Scotland

Blantyre, Glasgow

Blantyre, Glasgow

Staffordshire, England

Roehampton, London

Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seraing, Belgium

Seoul, South Korea

Hamilton, New Zealand

Jerusalem, Israel

Holon, Israel

Florence, ‎Italy

Dublin, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Jambi, Indonesia

Semarang, Indonesia

Daejeon, South Korea

North Queensland, Australia

Johannesburg, South Africa

Hsinchu City, Taiwan

New Taipei, Taiwan

Eskişehir, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Famagusta, Northern Cyprus

Salaya, Thailand

Kwidzyn, Poland

Melbourne, Australia

San José, Costa Rica

Benefits of Semester Abroad Programme

Students get to study abroad for a full term with a University Abroad

Study abroad program is the best opportunity to see the world and learn about different culture and environment

Acquire native language skills , soft skills and power skills that can be learnt only through practical immersion.

A student who has stepped out of his comfort zone and gone abroad always catches the eyes of the prospective employer and holds a competitive advantage over his/her peers.

You’ll actually get to experience your place of study in the long term, picking up local knowledge such as where sells the best coffee, what tourist traps to avoid and how to get the most out of your new city.

Your exposure to many different types of people will not only help you to develop your people skills, but it will also give you a more in-depth knowledge of others, particularly those from different cultures.

Studying and living abroad requires you to be independent, without the safety of your home comforts. Look at this as an exciting new challenge (rather than something terrifying). Moving abroad is the ultimate test in self-reliance. When (or if) you move back, you’ll likely rely on others less and you’ll take more responsibility for yourself.

Get an opportunity to work with eminent professors of the universities and upon proving their mettle stand a good chance of getting direct admission to subsequent higher studies in that university or in other universities.

Who Can Apply ?

The students who are doing their Bachelors degree as well as the Masters degree in any faculty of SRM University Andhra Pradesh are eligible to enroll in SAP, provided they satisfy certain mandatory requirements..

The requirements are laid out considering the entry requirements of the international universities, high standards and competency, the students are expected to encounter at the host university, the necessity to build brand image and reputation of SRM and to ensure the students have the right attitude, grit and determination to pursue his/her studies without any psychological and for academic stress. Some of the criteria are quantitative and some are subjective.

It is also emphasized that the students should have a minimum knowledge level in their chosen field of specialization to pursue SAP and therefore the students are encouraged to enroll in the SAP only after studying two full years of study at the undergraduate program or one full year of study at Masters Level.

Students can apply directly to SRM AP by downloading the appropriate application form Download.


Eligibility and Other Requirements

  • 7.0 and above CGPA
  • No backlog
  • No reappearances
  • A valid Passport with more than six months of expiry
  • An offer letter from Partner foreign University
  • English Proficiency test (if Required)
  • Sufficient funds to manage visa, airfare and living expenses

Selection Criteria and Procedure

1. It is a process giving adequate consideration to:

  • Academic performance
  • Ambition and excitement level
  • Communication skills
  • Family financial background to support
  • Recommendation of the concerned department

2. An introductory session will be held at the beginning of every semester for students.

3. After the information session the interested students should register with the Office of International Relations in the prescribed format with all supporting documents, before the deadline date

4. A one-to-one counseling and Interview will be held for the registered students by the IR Committee.

5. The shortlisted students should submit 2 undertakings – one by the student and the other by the parent – and proceed with all the academic and non-academic requirements of SRMAP and the host university

6. A separate interview will be held in the instance of scholarships to select students for prestigious universities.


Application Deadlines

For January Intake (Spring Session) For September Intake (Fall Session)
Nominations begin by 1st July - 30th August 1st January - 28th February
Application Deadline 1st August - 30th September 1st February - 31st March

Frequesntly Asked Questions

Under the Semester Abroad program the tuition fee of the overseas host university is waived in some universities hence SRM AP allows meritorious students with good academic standing to opt for semester abroad as an option. Students must spend at least one academic year at the home university to be eligible to attend a semester abroad.

Generally, an English proficiency test is not required for a semester abroad but some countries and universities make it mandatory. The score required is 6.5 bands not less than 6 in each module in IELTS.

There are no academic tests required to attend a semester abroad.

The student with meritorious and good academic standing has to go through a stringent selection process at Home University. The Home University nominates the selected candidates. Acceptance of the nominated candidates is at sole discretion of the overseas host university.

The University would not be applying for a visa on behalf of the applicant. The Division of International Affairs at SRM AP would only help in procuring documents required from the University side to apply for visa. The visa can be applied online by the applicant or through the third party appointed and authorized by the applicant.

The nomenclature of the type of visa of each country is different. A student generally gets a short-term visa.

The student is not eligible for an education loan because this is a short study abroad program. The education loan is applicable for full time study at the educational institute. The applicant is going for a short duration. Only you can apply for a visa once I receive the unconditional offer letter and I have all the necessary documentation in place as required by the visa issuing authority of the country you are applying to.

It would be solely dependent on the type of visa granted to the student. Generally, students are not allowed to work part time on short duration of visa.

Visa is not guaranteed because the visa is to be provided by the Embassy of the particular country the applicant is applying to. It would all depend on the documents which are being presented by the applicant at the time of visa application and the profile of the student.

For coordination in SAP process, you can email at

Student Testimonial

Semester Abroad Programme

Semester Abroad Programme at UC Davis changed my outlook on life. I got the opportunity to cooperate with industrial designers. For practical hands-on experiences, I worked for the UC Davis school of nursing. Besides, UC Davis promotes a variety of student clubs and technical programmes that bring students from all over the world together. The concrete understanding of the subject aided me greatly in learning about real-world problems, and accomplishing this dream of studying a semester abroad.

– Barukula Snehitha Naga Sai
Computer Science Engineering

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