3. "PMKSY- A step toward the achievement of a sustainable development goal: A study of selected areas of AP, Maharashtra and TamilNadu.
Total Outlay: 16 Lakhs
Funding Agencies: ICSSR Govt. of India
Duration: Six Months
Principal Investigator: Dr Ghanshyam Pandey

2. "Reconsidering Water Pricing Policy and Supply Augmentation: A Study of Households in Guntur Municipal Corporation"
SRM AP Seed Grant: 1,50,000/-
Principal Investigator: Dr Erra Kamal Sai Sadharma

1. "Tenancy and Credit: Exploring Facts Below the Crust in Andhra Pradesh" Sponsored by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development"
Total Outlay: 14,85, 285/-.
Principal Investigator: Dr Ghanshyam Pandey