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"Even the very best ideas in science or engineering do not translate into broader economic prosperity. In large measure, the material benefits of innovation spring from complementarities between technology and economics" - Ben Bernanke

Economics is a subject of inquiry and fundamentally about human behaviour in terms of choices, individuals, families, firms, governments, and society. It deals with how scarce resources can be deployed to maximise the economic well-being of their stakeholders. With the growth and power that economics has, economists have, in their hands, the privilege of shaping society's material well-being. Towards this end, economists have been striving to formulate theories, models, and strategies that gained acceptance worldwide. In recognition of its importance, Economics is the only social science that has been awarded the Nobel prize, as funded by the Bank of Sweden (1968).

Being aware of the strategic importance of the subject, SRM University-AP established the department of Economics in 2017. At present, the department offers undergraduates a strong foundation in emerging areas such as Finance, Quantitative Methods, Globalization, Agriculture, and Environmental studies. The department's vision is to create globally oriented individuals who can adopt a multi-dimensional approach and solve the complex issues impacting business, society, nation, and the world.

The undergraduate program at SRM University-AP, at large, equips the students with theories and tools of economic analysis in significant areas of its application and focuses on the emerging areas of economic interests. Curriculum and instruction go beyond conventional lending theory and practice by imposing the students to real-world situations. The Department of Economics trains the students to gain knowledge and exposure through regular discussions, seminars, workshops, and special lectures that provide the students with a holistic approach to Economics.

Wishing the best!


- Dr Anandarao Suvvari
Faculty Co-ordinator, Department of Economics
School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences-SRM University – AP
Andhra Pradesh