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Prof. Bandi Kamaiah
My major areas of interest in research include Applied Time Series Analysis, International Finance, and Monetary and Financial Economics.
Dr Manzoor Hassan Malik
My broader research interests are international trade, trade competitiveness, and trade and environment. I have worked on assessing IT and ITES exports, the competitiveness of ITES exports, ITES exports and macroeconomic indicators, and the nexus between ITES exports and economic growth. I am working on trade benchmarks and the economic complexities of international trade.
Dr Ghanshyam Pandey
My primary research interests are agricultural economics, climate change on agriculture, development economics, livelihood issues, poverty and inequality, and health economics. I am currently working on issues related to tenancy and credit from the primary data of Andhra Pradesh.
Dr Kamal
Dr Erra Kamal Sai Sadharma
My topics of research interest are financial economics, monetary policy, and environmental and energy issues. My areas of specific interest include the areas of economic policy uncertainty and stock prices and the impacts of biomass energy consumption on the broader climate.
SRMAP-Faculty-Dr J Vineesh Prakash
Dr J Vineesh Prakash
My current research enquires about the part business group affiliation plays in facilitating firm-level innovation and exports. Apart from this area, my study also investigated the level of equity market integration in emerging markets.
Dr Manish Kumar
Dr Manish Kumar
My primary research interests are Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, and Economic Geography. My focus areas are data-driven public policy, the evolution of trade patterns & networks and contemporary economic issues.
Dr Adviti Devaguptapu
My current research areas are macroeconomics, monetary economics and experimental economics.

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  • International trade, Trade Competitiveness, Trade and Environment
  • Agricultural Economics, Rural Development, Climate Change and Agriculture, Livelihood Issues, Development economics
  • Financial Economics, Monetary Economics, Energy Economics
  • Productivity at the firm level, Economics of Innovation, Trade and Geography
  • Industrial Economics, International Economics, Development Studies
  • Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics and Experimental Economics.