Facilities and Equipment

Microbial Culture Facility

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow, 4x2x2 (Hitech)
Optical Microscope
Microbial Shaker (YOGA EIS 45)
Autoclave (Rays)

Cell Culture Facility

Biosafety cabinet, (ESCO Class II)
Co2 Incubator, (ESCO Celmate)
Fluorescence Microscope (Olympus- CKX53)
Dark Field Microscope (Magnus INVI)
Cell counter (Olympus)
Centrifuge (Swing out and Fixed angle)- Thermo scientific- Sorvall Legend X1R

PCR (Bio Rad- T100 Thermal Cycler)

DLS- Zeta sizer (Malvern- Nano ZS)

UV Spectrophotometer (Thermo scientific- Multiscan Sky)

Eppendorf Centrifuge (5430R)

Concentrator Plus (Eppendorf)

Analytical Balance

Orbital and Linear Shakers

Waterbath (Equitron)

pH Meters

Milli Q water purification system