Phase III Infrastructure Development
Hon'ble Minister Dr Audimulapu Suresh laid the foundation stone
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Collaboration with AIIMS Mangalagiri
Healthcare research of mutual interest will be carried out by SRMAP and AIIMS Mangalagiri
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Embassy Connect with 14 Countries
To promote best-in-class higher education programmes
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Higher Education Abroad
BSc Psychology students to pursue Master's in the UK and US universities
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Global Immersion- Batch 2
The second batch of students completed the familiarisation programme at UTP, Malaysia
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Interview with Prof Bandi Kamaiah
IUP Publications featured an exclusive interview with the renowned academician
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MoU with Taurean Surgical
Students to work with Taurean professionals on Surgical Robot Technology and related topics
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Frontiers in Physics
Dr Jatis Kumar Dash has been invited to be part of the Editorial Board of this prestigious journal
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SERB-Funded Workshop
Mr Shaik Rajak attended the workshop on vehicular communication at IIT Indore
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Workshop on Interactive Learning
Acquainted faculty with the evolving dynamics of teaching and learning
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OMACS Technocraft Solutions Pvt Ltd
A new start-up initiative of Dr Udaya Shankar
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Urban Ethnography and Theory
Dr Ipsita Pradhan attended the seminar at the IUS Field training school in Tuscany, Italy
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Accentuating Research
WBAN Smart Health
Priority based resource allocation and energy harvesting
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Charge Transport Across
Molecular Junctions
Modulating optoelectronic and mechanical properties
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Biowaste Valorisation
Published papers in Bioresource Technology
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Papers Presented at International Conferences
CSE students presented papers under the guidance of Dr V M Manikandan
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Secure Transmission of Medical Images
Patent published by Dr Priyanka and
Ms Kilari Jyothsna Devi
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Beyond the Discourse of Post-Truth
Tracing the genealogy of post-truth and fake news in an Indian context
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Gendered Work and Contemporary India
Women and the changing nature of work in Hyderabad's Hitec City
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Dual-Band 2x2 Elements
MIMO Antenna-Diplexer
Article featured in the Q1 journal, IEEE Access
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Content-Based Recommender Systems
Item feature refinement using matrix factorization and boosted learning-based user profile generation
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Colonial Impact on Raikas and Banjaras
Dr Bikku’s article was published in the book
Tribe, Space, and Mobilisation
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IoT System for Freshwater Pearl Farming
Dr Kshira Sagar Sahoo publishes in the
Q1 journal, IEEE Sensors
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Abating the Risk of Covid-19
Improving the performance of classifiers for the diagnosis of critical diseases
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Decoding Mainstream Queer Cinema
Critiquing the hetero-normalisation
of transgender identity
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Indian National Science Academy Project
Understanding Nalanda and Bodhgaya in relation to its landscape parameters
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Towards Power Quality Improvement
PV/WT integrated system using
grey wolf optimization technique
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Copper Nanoclusters for Bioimaging
Article featured in the journal, RSC Advances
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Internet of Things-
Security and Privacy in Cyber Space
Published book as part of the series,
Transactions on Computer Systems and Networks
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Ruthenium Catalyst for HER Studies
Patent published by Prof Ranjit Thapa and
Mr Samadhan Kapse
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DT-IoT Enabled
Smart Agriculture System
Addresses the network connectivity issues in
smart agriculture
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Published in
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Fifth consecutive article published in the
American Chemical Society
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DST-INSPIRE Subject Expert Committee
Evaluated INSPIRE fellowship applications in
Physical Sciences
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Upcoming Events
Research Day 2022
SRMAP to celebrate Research Day 2022 in September
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