Watermarking medical images for their secure transmission

patent publication SRMAP

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is proud to announce that Dr Priyanka, Assistant Professor, and her research Scholar, Ms Kilari Jyothsna Devi have published their patent (application no: 202241033779 A), “A System and a Method for Watermarking Medical Images for the Secure Transmission of Images”. The patent was published on June 17, 2022, by the Indian Patent Office.

In the present technology, medical images and patient information are widely transmitted through a public transmission channel in e-healthcare applications. While sharing medical images or electronic patient records (EPR) through a public network, they can get tampered with or manipulated, leading to wrong diagnosis by the medical consultants. Similarly, one can easily claim false ownership of the medical images. This makes the confidentiality of the patient record at low cost a major concern.

The proposed novel MIW scheme ensures most of the watermarking characteristics such as high imperceptibility, robustness, security with low computational cost, temper detection and recovery in medical image transmission in real-time healthcare applications. In the future, they intend to design digital image watermarking schemes for the secure transmission of images over blockchain and cloud-based applications.

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