BSc Psychology students to pursue Masters in the UK, US universities

Sravani Govindu Greenwich UniversitySravani Govindu is proud to be a part of the first ever batch of Psychology from SRM University-AP. She is always amazed by the influence the faculty and friends had on her character development throughout the years. Sravani recollects how she was an unbothered soul without any focus before joining the university and what she became after experiencing the rhythm of the campus. During her university life, she recognised the value of having a sense of purpose. The continuous efforts from the faculty to provide the right amount of guidance and motivation will forever be a fuelling force in Sravani’s career. She is beyond grateful to the supportive academic community on the campus which became her backbone whenever she was uncertain. The value-oriented course structure at SRM AP encouraged her on many levels. Sravani adores the welcoming aura of the campus and the dynamics between students from various states and countries. She is ready to welcome a new chapter at Greenwich University while holding a bunch of memories from SRM AP.

Meenu RoyUniversity of Westminster, UKMeenu Roy is proud to be an SRMite and belongs to the first batch of Psychology at the University. She is in awe of the momentum her personality growth acquired from the eventful campus life. Clubs and other university activities helped her try things beyond her expectations. She enjoyed the whole process of exploring herself throughout the academic venture at SRM University-AP. She finds it fortunate to have a supportive academic ecosystem at her crucial career junction. Meenu is about to pursue her master’s degree from the University of Westminster, UK. Her admiration towards the faculty and friends she had at SRM AP grows further as she continues to go places and prove herself. A part of the campus life and wisdom she enjoyed at the university will stay with her for a lifetime while she keeps on adding value to the recognition of SRM University-AP with her academic intelligence.

Uha Lakkireddy Greenwich University, UKUha Lakkireddy recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from SRM University-AP. The tremendous support and motivation from the university have helped her nurture self-confidence and self-satisfaction. Uha noticed how she transformed as an individual from the time of enrolling in the university until the time of graduation. As a psychology student, she was able to grasp several interesting theories which had exciting applications in real life. In-depth details included in the course structure assisted her in the most unexpected but necessary situations. Uha finds it very fascinating that the graduation period has essentially taught her some extremely valuable life lessons. She remembers learning the importance of physical activities in maintaining mental health through Sports Psychology. Uha’s journey as an ardent Clinical Psychology student is taking a huge turn from SRM AP to Greenwich University, UK. She gives all the credit to her faculty and peers, who have always encouraged her to work hard.

Chandrika Reddy Adelphi University, New YorkChandrika Reddy from BSc Psychology at SRM University-AP is excited to continue her studies in Psychology to the next level (Post Graduation) at Adelphi University, New York. She is among the bright students who have secured admission to global universities abroad. Chandrika ecstatically mentioned the exposure she collected from the carefully laid out curriculum and course structure at SRM AP. Her journey as an SRMite was quite eventful. She had excellent professors, classmates, and friends who contributed equally to her growth. She had various opportunities to get engaged in the activities aligned with the coursework and re-establish her hobbies. Being a student of the first graduating batch of BSc Psychology, Chandrika’s achievement is a motivation to all students. She thanked all the professors and peers for their kind support and encouragement throughout this journey.

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