Career, Scope and Opportunities | Economics Programme

scope and opportunities

As an economics graduate, you have a wide range of career options available to you. Economics is a broad field that covers a variety of topics, including macro and microeconomic theory, international trade, economic development, finance, and public policy. Here are some of the potential career paths and opportunities for economics graduates:

The government is a significant employer of economists. Economists can work for various reputable organizations, the Reserve Bank of India, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. They may also work for other regulatory bodies such as Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Many banks, insurance companies, and investment firms employ economists to analyse financial markets and make investment decisions. Economists can also work as financial advisors or financial analysts.

Non-profit organisations, such as think tanks, research institutes, and advocacy groups, often hire economists to conduct research and provide policy analysis. These organizations work on various issues, such as poverty reduction, environmental protection, and public health.

Universities and colleges hire economics graduates to teach courses, conduct research, and publish scholarly articles. They can also work as research assistants or postdoctoral fellows.

Many private sector firms hire economists to analyse market trends, consumer behavior, and industry competition. They can also work in consulting firms that provide economic analysis to clients.

An economics graduate can start their business or join a startup as a co-founder, advisor or consultant. Knowledge of economics can help in setting up the pricing strategy, understanding the market competition and identifying potential customers.

The scope of economics graduates is vast and extends beyond these areas. With their analytical and quantitative skills, economics graduates can work in diverse fields, ranging from journalism to law, politics to marketing, and even international development.