Academics Overview

Economics is omnipresent. All companies, governments and individual need to deal with the subject. It is not without reason why Economics has emerged as the driving force for every organisation. A bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics is a brilliant approach towards a successful career path. The Department of Economics under the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at SRM AP University is a vibrant Department of research and teaching on diverse topics spanning the worlds of theory and practice using cutting-edge research methods. We have chalked out special Economics programs for you which cater for market growing demand for professional economists. These programs in Economics emphasize on the application of economic theories and trained professionals for lifetime learning. Currently for students in high school, an important and immediate decision is what degree to pursue in college. The decision to come to college is based on aspirations and dreams about working in a stimulating environment and contributing to improving both individual welfare and societal welfare. The Economics program at SRM AP seeks to draw students who have a desire to learn and train in a department that invests almost exclusively on the ultimate goal of students entering jobs or careers where they are likely to make long-lasting contributions in either policy making or research careers. Along with Foundation Courses and optional Minors across other departments, we ensure that the education imparted is justly multidisciplinary.

Courses Offered

  • BSc (Hons) in Economics
  • PhD in Economics