The Civil Engineering Program at SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh offers students a challenging and rewarding career in industry, private consulting, and government sectors. The holistic curriculum is designed to meet several educational objectives and teaches students not only to analyse and design a breadth of structural and environmental systems, but also to successfully navigate the management-related issues that arise during a project. The program will feature a fusion of lectures and lab works, and due emphasis will be laid on working within a team, as this is considered a key skill for anyone pursuing Civil Engineering careers. Students are encouraged to take the common engineering courses which deal with basic concepts in mechanics, hydraulics, geotechnics (using knowledge of the earth's crust to solve construction problems), materials science and statistical analysis. The Civil Engineering curriculum will have opportunities to participate in field trips which train the students in professional Civil Engineering practice enhancing their managerial and entrepreneurial skills.


The mission of the undergraduate program in Civil Engineering is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for world-class civil engineering practice. This pre-professional program balances the fundamentals common to many specialities in civil engineering while allowing for concentration in structures and construction or in environmental and water studies. Students in the major learn to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and civil engineering to conduct experiments, design structures and systems to creatively solve engineering problems, and communicate their ideas effectively. The curriculum includes course work in structural, construction, and environmental engineering. The major prepares students for careers in consulting, industry and government, as well as for graduate studies in science and engineering.

Courses Offered

  • BTech
  • PhD