Sustainable Ash based Geosynthetic Clay Liners for MSW Landfills

Coordinating Faculty: Dr Raviteja KVNS

Funding agency: SERB (SIRE), DST, Govt. of India

Role: Research Fellow

Status: Awarded (SIR/2022/000374), Under Progress.

Briefing: In general, natural materials like clays/bentonites in combination with geomembranes (GMB) are used in liners. However, to increase the strength properties and reduce the compressibility characteristics, bentonites are often mixed with sand. With the increased cost and scarcity of sand, there is a renewed interest among the researchers to identify an alternative material to replace sand proportion in compacted GCLs in MSW landfills. Among several materials, fly ash has proved to be a potential substitute for sand in landfill liners.

Comprehensive review of flexible pavement design approaches suitable to Maine conditions

Coordinating Faculty: Dr Uma Maheswar Arepalli

Funding agency: Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT), USA

Role: Co-PI

Collaborations: University of Maine, Orono, USA & SRM University AP

Total Project Outlay: $26,396 [21.7 lakhs]; SRM-AP Part - $10697 [8.8 lakhs]

Project Duration: May 2022 to Dec 2022

Status: Awarded (UMS1370), In Progress

Briefing: MaineDOT currently uses an in-house developed pavement design guidance which is based on
the AASHTO 1993 design approach. This method was developed based on outdated traffic,
limited soil type, and environmental conditions. Though MaineDOT employs engineering
judgment to overcome these limitations, the decisions are often arguable and limited to individual
experience. MaineDOT has been looking for an alternative design approach that can overcome
these challenges. This study reviews alternative design practices to provide recommendations to
the DOT.