Consultancy Services

The Department of Civil Engineering extends its research to the industry with consultancy services. The distinguished faculty of the department is closely working with many reputed industry giants in the field of Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation, Environmental Engineering and surveying.

Coordinating Faculty: Dr Raviteja KVNS
Sub-Soil Investigation and Recommendation for the Foundation of the Proposed Annadata
Cold Storage Client: Annadata Cold S torage, Survey #18-4, 18-5, Guntur, Nov 2021. ( ₹10,000/-)

SNo Consultancy Work Item/Facility - Description
1 Determination of Soil Moisture Content
2 Determination of Soil Organic Content (by H2O2 method)
3 Determination of Unit Weight by Core cutter Method
4 Determination of Unit Weight by Sand Replacement Method
5 Relative Density by Vibration Table Test
6 Specific Gravity of Soil by Density Bottle method
7 Specific Gravity of Soil by Pycnometer Method
8 Liquid Limit Test
9 Plastic Limit Test
10 Shrinkage Limit Test
11 Soil Gradation by Sieve Analysis
12 Silt/Clay Gradation by Hydrometer Analysis
13 Proctor Compaction Test (Heavy & Light)
14 Consolidation Characteristics by Oedometer
15 Hydraulic Conductivity by Constant Head Test
16 Hydraulic Conductivity by Falling Head Test
17 Unconfined Compressive Strength Test (UCS)
18 Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test (UU)
19 Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test (CU)
20 Consolidated Drained Triaxial Test (CD)
21 Laboratory Vane Shear Test
22 Direct Shear Test (Small Scale)
23 California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)
24 Estimation of Bearing Capacity of Soil from lab tests
SNo Concrete Technology/Construction Materials Lab
Testing Facility
TESTS ON CEMENT (As per IS 4031)
1 Normal consistency of cement
2 Initial and Final setting time
3 Fineness of cement (retained on 45µm wet sieving)
4 Fineness of cement (retained on 50µm and 90 µm dry sieving)
5 Fineness of cement (Blaine)
6 Le-Chatelier Expansion
7 Autoclave Expansion
8 Specific gravity
9 Drying Shrinkage
10 Loss on Ignition
11 Compressive strength of mortar
1 Specific Gravity
2 Fineness (Blaine)
3 Fineness (retained on 45µm wet sieving)
4 Fineness (retained on 50µm and 90 µm dry sieving)
5 Pozzolanic reactivity
6 Determination of Reactive Silica
7 Loss on Ignition
1 Specific Gravity
2 Sieve Analysis
3 Water Absorption
4 Bulk Density
5 Bulking of Sand
6 Aggregate Crushing Value
7 Aggregate Impact Value
8 Aggregate crushing Value
9 Flakiness and Elongation Index
1 Concrete Mix Design -IS 10262
2 Slump Measurement-IS 1199
3 Concrete Cube Strength (150*150*150)-IS 516
4 Determination of Split and Tensile test of the concrete cylinder- IS 5816
TESTS ON CONCRETE/AAC BLOCK and BRICK (IS 2185/ IS 6441 and IS 3495/IS 1077)
1 Water Absorption
2 Density
3 Dimension
4 Thermal Conductivity
5 Compressive Strength
Other Facilities
1 Laser PSD -particle size distribution of samples
2 Autogenous Shrinkage of paste/mortar samples
3 ICOES-Elemental analyses in solution
4 XRD with Quantitative analysis using Rietveld refinement
5 Design of Self-Compacting Concrete
6 Water Testing Facility
Other Services Provided
1 Design of RCC, Steel and Masonry Structures using both manual and computational
2 Vulnerability assessment of existing structures
3 Retrofitting and strengthening of existing structures
4 Assessment and strengthening of heritage structures
SNo Consultancy Work Item/Facility - Description
1 Design of Marshall Bituminous Mixes as per MoRTH
2 Determination of CBR Value
3 Determination of aggregate properties as per MoRTH and IS standards
3a Aggregate Impact Value
3b Aggregate Abrasion Value (Los Angeles)
3c Aggregate Crushing Strength Value
3d Aggregate Shape Tests - Flakiness and Elongation
4 Determination of bitumen properties as per MoRTH and IS standards
4a Penetration Value
4b Softening Value
4c Flash and Fire Point
4d Ductility Value
4e Viscosity
4f Solubility Test
5 Determination of Bitumen content using Centrifugal Extractor
6 Design of flexible and rigid pavements as per IRC and AASHTO
7 Traffic Studies
7a Classified Volume Count (CVC)
7b Turning Movement Count
7c Origin & Destination Studies
7d Spot Speed Studies
8 Pavement Evaluations - Functional
8a Road Roughness - Bump Integrator and Merlin Cycle
8b Manual Distress Surveys as per IRC and AASHTO
9 Pavement Evaluations - Structural
9a Benkelman Beam Deflectometer (BBD) studies
9b Data Analysis - Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)
10 Pavement Overlay Design as per IRC
11 Pavement Field Investigations/Forensic Studies
SNo Consultancy Work Item/Facility - Description
1 Water Quality analysis
1a Determination of pH, acidity, and alkalinity of water sample
1b Determination of conductivity of a water sample
1c Determination of total solid content, volatiles, and non-volatiles in a water sample
1d Determination of hardness of a water sample
1e Determination of chlorine demand of a water sample
1f Determination of dissolved oxygen in a water sample
1g Determination of biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand of a water sample
1h Determination of color [UV spectrophotometry principle] and odour of a sample
2 Wastewater Quality
2a Wastewater sampling
2b Wastewater analysis (tests as mentioned in Section-1, as applicable)
2c Discharges and effluent characterisation
3 Human Health Risk Assessment studies
4 Air quality monitoring
4a Determination of suspended particulate matter (using high and low volume air samplers)
SNo Consultancy Work Item/Facility - Description
1 Total Station