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Why do your MTech at SRM University-AP?

With its 11 departments of Engineering and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Sciences (SEAS) has created a research-based learning ecosystem that helps students take their knowledge in the field to the next level. Through Active Learning and exposure to multidisciplinary projects in the state-of-the-art laboratories students discover their true potential and are shaped into leaders, entrepreneurs of tomorrow. MTech programmes at SRM UNIVERSITY-AP can also be the perfect stepping stone for students to pursue their Ph.D. from the best International Universities.

Cutting Edge Programmes In Emerging Technologies

New age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT have already made a substantial impact in varied industry sectors and are here to say. Future professionals not only in the spheres of Engineering and Sciences but in the world of business, entrepreneurship too, will need to possess insights into these emerging technologies. The MTech programmes at SRM AP are designed to nurture students to meet the growing challenges in the industry, and gain the competitive edge in their careers.


The department of Computer Science and Engineering offers M.Tech with specialization in AI and ML. These technologies are revolutionizing different areas of industry, right from manufacturing to decision making. The programme covers a wide spectrum of subjects including Deep Learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation, Big Data Analysis. Students are equipped with research skills and get hands-on experience on projects integral to their programme.

The two-year programme offered by the department of Computer Science and Engineering helps students apply their knowledge of computing to Big Data. Through the course of their programmes they are encouraged to employ their understanding of computing tools and techniques to solve real world business problems. They get insights into areas ranging from Data Acquisition to Analysis and Algorithm Design to transform into sought-after professionals and leaders in the field of Data Science.

VLSI technologies are a successful product of material science and electrical engineering. The technology has come of age and today’s professionals need to focus on research of physical devices as well as innovative designs of the electrical circuit.

It is expected that by the year 2030, over 50 billion devices or things around the world will be connected to the Internet. IoT is the next stage in digital revolution and we are already seeing its impact with Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Infrastructure
and more. The two-year programme will focus on areas including Smart Sensors and Actuators, Embedded
Programming, IoT security and more. Students will thus not only gain knowledge and practical skills in key components of IoT but also securing IoT systems.

The programme offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the crucial aspects of materials as well as manufacturing. Students of the programme learn about processes including forming, joining, additive manufacturing, and smart manufacturing. It also offers insights on emerging fields like AI for Manufacturing to help students build futureproof careers. Along with the manufacturing processes, students get in-depth understanding of composite materials, additive materials, biomaterials etc.

Programme Objectives

The MTech programmes offered by different departments of the School of Engineering and Sciences are designed in keeping industry trends and requirements. SRM AP’s international collaborations with University of Wisconsin, Madison, Illinois Institute of Technology, North-Eastern University, Flinders University, Australia offer students global platforms to pursue their interests. They can choose from a wide range of electives and build a niche in their area of interest. It prepares them for higher studies or high profile careers around the world.