Admission International

Masters in Science (MSc) Programme

School of Engineering and Sciences


(i) Quantum Technologies

(ii) Condensed Matter Physics

Sustainable Development

(i) Industrial Chemistry

(ii) Computational Chemistry

1. Pure Mathematics

2. Applied Mathematics

3. Data Science and Industrial Mathematics

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Why MSc @ SRM University-AP

• Two tracks are considered to design the Master’s curriculum.
- (i) Research Track
- (ii) Industry/Entrepreneurship Track.

• Minor can be opted by students based on the university minor policy from any other programme of MSc/MTech.
- Example Minor in AI/ML, Minor in Finance.

• A student can opt for an extra 12 to 16 credits of Core courses to get an MSc (Honours) Degree. The eligibility criteria will be formulated.

• The SEC and RDIP courses may be offered as mapped industry experience for the industry track, and the semester may be decided based on Departmental needs.