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School of Engineering And Sciences

B. Tech

You can pursue your passion, choices and decisions is yours. Major, Minor and Specialization, combination of any. You can major in Computer Science, specialise in Artificial Intelligence and minor in Business or History.

The curriculum is developed based on IDEAL (Inter Disciplinary Experimental Learning) on an Active Learning Pedagogy, model MIT. The students will also participate in undergraduate research [UROP] as well as in multiple industry internships, India and abroad. The programme provides Semester Abroad [SAP] in top Universities across the world.

Major & Minor

Major requires a minimum of 160 credits for awarding the degree including 27 Credits (9 courses) for Specialization. Minor helps broadening the course of study, well rounded, taking 6 courses of 20 credits with 2 courses overlap. It can be within engineering or other schools. You have to meet certain criteria of selection. Along with Majoring degree, a separate certificate will be issued for Minor.

B. Tech[4 years Program]

Medium of Instruction: English

B.Tech Program Specialization Job Opportunities
Computer Science Engineering [CSE] Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) There are several exciting job options both in India and Abroad Software IT, Core Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance, e Commerce, and Gaming. The types of job positions are, Data scientist, Software developers, Web developer, Systems analyst, Business analyst, Product developers, and Network architect.
Cyber Security
Cloud Computing
Big Data Analytics
Internet of Things
Electronics and Communication Engineering [ECE] VLSI & Embedded Systems Exciting career option in Software and Hardware companies, and Automotive and Hi Tech Companies both in India and overseas, in the areas of VLSI, Circuit Design, Chip Design, Mobile Communication and autonomous and driverless cars.
Advanced Communication Systems
Signal/Image Processing using AI
Electrical and Electronics Engineering [EEE] Smart Grid Incredible opportunities in all core industries Automobile, Electrical Companies, EPC Contractors, Petro Chemical, to design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment, such as electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems, or power generation equipment.
Energy Efficient Systems
Mechanical Additive Manufacturing Exciting career options in several core companies, Aerospace, Automotive, 3D printing, Robotic, CAD, Control and instrumentation, Maintenance engineer, and Nuclear engineer.
Advanced Materials
Automotive Engineering
Civil Structural Engineering Popular careers are in large companies, Construction, Geotechnical, Environmental, Public Health, Transportation, and Urban planning.
Geotechnical Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


Engineering Minors Computer Science and Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Non Engineering Minors Business Management
English Studies
Integrative Biology